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Cover art by sKetchooDles sketchoodles Tumblr sKetchooDles YouTube Sketchoodles Twitter.
Wallpaper art by sKetchooDles sketchoodles Tumblr sKetchooDles YouTube Sketchoodles Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 6/12/2019.
Duration: ~1:27:06.

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  1. (4:17) All Alone by Rainy
  2. (2:33) Phosphor Bronze by Caelan Kier
  3. (2:57) Fate of the Heir by Rowyn Berlan
  4. (2:54) A 6elief in S9mething Higher by Beau Brian
  5. (3:19) Hand in Hand by Rainy
  6. (2:57) Gentle Heat by Beau Brian
  7. (2:35) Latula's Theme by Pascal van den Bos
  8. (3:03) Dwelling Among the Dream Bubbles by Pascal van den Bos
  9. (2:14) Lapis Arbalester by Caelan Kier
  10. (2:56) Final Darkness by Stacatto Force
  11. (2:25) Vwhat If I'm a Failure by chroniCrusader
  12. (3:37) Trident Thief by Pascal van den Bos
  13. (2:42) Spirited Euphoria by Rowyn Berlan
  14. (3:27) Center Stage by Rainy
  15. (4:27) Indirectly, Hate You by Stacatto Force
  16. (2:25) Jaded Luminescence by Rowyn Berlan
  17. (2:36) Mituna's Theme by Pascal van den Bos and Rowyn Berlan
  18. (2:41) Porrim's Theme by Pascal van den Bos
  19. (2:21) Achieving New Radical Heights by Rowyn Berlan
  20. (3:07) PurriFeral Affections by Beau Brian
  21. (2:54) Reboot by Pascal van den Bos
  22. (2:10) Character Catastrophe by Caelan Kier
  23. (6:11) Nostalgic Landscapes by Rainy
  24. (2:46) MeGaLoVania (BeforusBound) by Pascal van den Bos
  25. (2:36) Insufferable Sufferer by Rowyn Berlan
  26. (2:23) First Tumor, Second Life by Beau Brian
  27. (7:54) The Future We Could Never Have by Rainy
  28. (0:21) BeforusBound by Pascal van den Bos
  29. (0:09) Victory! by Pascal van den Bos
  30. (0:09) Time To Rest by Pascal van den Bos

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

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  • Album Booklet
    • The commentary from this booklet, part of the album's official and since-delisted download, is included with updated names on this album's track pages. At the artists' requests, the original file (including deadnames, etc) isn't available.
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Artist commentary:

Pascal van den Bos: (album team, booklet commentary, front)

Hey there, you! Yes you!

Welcome to this wonderful new album made by the coolest folks around B) You've all hear of AlterniaBound, an album made for a game about a bunch of wacky gray skinned aliens.

BUT... those were only 12 of those candy corn horned creatures, and you guessed it, there are more!

So we decided to make a different album to cover another 12 ashen colored individuals you might've heard of.

Introducing: BeforusBound! the coolest and most epic album out there as proclaimed by the best proclaimer of things ever, Morgan Freeman! (not really). For those people who hate animal sounds in music, there are none here! And for those people who thought Rex Duodecim Angelus was just an overrated piece of nofin. It's not in this album!

For all you people who do actually like the dancestors, this album will heat up your headphones like popcorn in a pan cause it's the real epic fyre, yo!

The games have never stopped but the Homestuck music sure has, so we, The self-proclaimed Paradox clones of the Homestuck music team, decided to try and give the fans another great album full of Homestuck inspired music based on no ones favorite characters! Now go listen to the awesome tunes from the depths of the internet and tell all your friends, grandmas and next door (neigh)bours to do the same, because they should!

I wish you a great amount of listening fun times, i'm out :D
*sounds of neighing horse galloping away*


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