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Nightlife: Dancing Moon Edition

track cover

track cover

Tags: Jack Noir, CD, Earth

By TirantBacon ( SoundCloud , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Tipsy ( Tumblr ).
Released 7/20/2018.
Duration: 1:46.

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Tracks that Nightlife: Dancing Moon Edition references:


[Lyrics from the long version]
(Yo it's me, Bill Bolin, here to talk about-- uh fuck you, fuck you, I'm a stupid piece of shit)
(I make good music, point a fat middle finger at the [unintelligible])
(Uh-- I hate you Andrew Hussie, you're a douchebag, uhhh can I have one uh douchebag, hope you enjoy my song, hope this is long enough to fit the timeframe, UHHHH)

Artist commentary:

Makin: (Organizer)

Much like the Penumbra Phantasm remix, this was extended with memes on Bandcamp, another thirty seconds to fit the timeframe, but is only available in short form for download, and replicated as such here. The longer version also samples "Spanish Flea" by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass during the Bolin speech.

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