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Tags: Dave, Jade, Rose, John

By Griever ( External ( , Twitter ).
Cover art by Austinado ( Twitter ).
Released 1/14/2017.
Duration: 1:19.

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Artist commentary:

Griever: (Composer)

"The new universe that the kids and trolls and even Calliope made their humble abode was, well, utopic. But it wasn't always that way, you know. In the year 4200, 800 years before the time period that Dave took everybody to, a great war broke out over the most petty of ideals and virtues. You see, there were religious scriptures being uncovered as time went on, and the new Earth was slowly globalizing. But conflict arose when some scriptures began to contradict each other in terms of the relationships between the gods. All of a sudden, sects began to gather, rallying around different pairs of their gods. This was how the shipping wars began. Was Dave really ever into Jade all that much? Or was he really getting along with Karkat on a space-trip that only one other man had seen? Davejade, Davekat, it didn't matter. True believers of every ship imaginable perished on the battlefield for their cause. The great shipping wars of 4200 raged for 4 centuries and thirteen years. On October 25th, 4613, civilization was destroyed as a result of defense portals rerouting weapons of mass destruction to nearly every inch of the planet, coincidentally missing the entire meteor, thankfully. The few survivors had to make a pilgrimage to the meteor to jump start society with ectobiology. Those were some of the bravest souls to ever live on this new universe.

Upon finding out this bit of juicy information, Rose brought it to the attention of John, Dave, and Jade. They shared bittersweet laughs at the absurdity of the war and all the destruction their silly minor childhood crushes and romance-teasing actions had unintentionally caused. And, since they had already gathered for the first time in months, they chose to honor the ones who made the sacrifice to reset the world's society after the great shipping wars. They decided to hold a Deity Concerto in which they played all sorts of music and had a great time, showing the citizens of this new universe the greatest ship of all - friendship. Rose lifted her violin, John placed his hands over the piano. Dave dragged his Phat Beats record mix studio to the stage. Jade got ready to doot on the flute as hard as she could before later switching to bass for half the concert. And they began their opening act, in honor of the war and in honor of the ones that held onto hope for a utopia out of destruction.

This is that opening act. You're fucking welcome."

Austinado: (Artist)

my thing is the simpsons so since they did everything i looked up the springfield quartet episode and i was like ""well lets just make it homestuck"", also read Vast Error, this is a griever track so thats acceptable to put in

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