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By Wights End ( SoundCloud , YouTube ).
Cover art by Wights End ( SoundCloud , YouTube ).
Released 1/14/2017.
Duration: 6:07.

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Tracks that Arise references:

Tracks that Arise samples:

Artist commentary:

Wights End: (Composer)

I first started work on this song after listening to the really bass heavy section in the original at 1:20 and thinking "Hey, Waters of Nazareth would be cool here" I don't care for the intro section that uses the motif from my song Misery Loves Company. It doesn't have the grandure that I wanted to achieve, but I didn't really know how to improve it. In retrospect I would probably have referenced a different song. I tried to reference Cool and New Webcomic music motifs as much as possible, but I also included a few others for shits and giggles or because a certain part of the song reminded me of it. I also tried to use iconic soundfonts and VSTs such as DVS Sax (Used in Black), Zunpets (Touhou Trumpets), Earthbound Overdriven Guitar (Used in MeGaLoVania) And two string soundfonts from Hopes and Dreams and Upward Movement. My favorite part is the mashup of Michael Bowman Remix and a U.N. Owen Was Her acapella; and my least favorite part is the transition right after that. I really like Ska music so a lot of the parts of my song are inspired by it. All and all, I'm happy with the song, though there are some things I would have done differently in retrospect.

Wights End: (Artist)

i ship it

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