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By Kusoro kusoro Bandcamp kusoro-laventer SoundCloud YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by William Leonard itswilliamleonard Tumblr.
Released 1/14/2017.
Duration: 1:30.

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Tracks that THE 8EST FLARPER EVER!!!!!!!! references:

Tracks that reference THE 8EST FLARPER EVER!!!!!!!!:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:

Kusoro: (Composer)

I made this track in Jule/August, back when I was going to make Vriska themed solo album to release on 8/8. That kind of didn't work out, and I decided to put finished tracks on Volume 8.

William Leonard: (Artist)

the track title sounded to me like one of those attention-grabbing titles on a youtube video, so i ran with that. writing 'un-likes' instead of 'dislikes' has got to be the most subtle genius in all of cool and new music team track art history. also yes 99% of troltube's content is minecraft lets plays

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