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Aura of Colour

track cover

By olegoleg123 olegoleg123 SoundCloud.
Cover art by CreatorOfJanespeak.
Released 1/14/2017.
Duration: 3:43.

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Artist commentary:

olegoleg123: (Composer)

This song was not originally meant for CANWC and/or Homestuck, however, I decided to apply it here because of two reasons: I felt like it would fit Rose fairly well and I wanted this song to become a persistent leitmotif in CANWC(since original, serious leitmotifs is what the CANWC soundtrack is still very much lacking). Later, I made a few candidates for the ""second version"" of this song(Aura of Void(unfinished), Halloween Track(unrelated to CANWC), Dance of Colour(didn't really turn out all that good), HQ Remaster(didn't really go anywhere after the first two bars, will possibly be continued and released as and ""Alpha Version""))

This song is to be used when the comic goes from ""mostly ironically shitty and messing around"" to ""100% dark and serious"", which I'm hoping would happen at some point.

CreatorOfJanespeak: (Artist)

I should probably look up guides on how to draw arms and hands. Body-proportion wise, this is one of the best things I've drawn. The colour aura is my personal favourite part of this track art. That's pretty much all there is to say on the matter.

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