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Scratching Consequences

track cover

track cover

Tags: Doc Scratch

By TirantBacon ( SoundCloud , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by CreatorOfJanespeak.
Released 4/10/2017.
Duration: 1:42.

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Artist commentary:

TirantBacon: (Composer)

I wanted to make a really omnious super serious track for the Felt album. This song was actually made as an idea for the Felt manor but I eventually decided it would be a good theme for Scratch (or O I think) considering the clock sounds, the reversed ostinato and the serious swinging beat I totally didn't sample from another website. All in all it sounds good, it's brief enough to give you an insight into a character we haven't met yet, and it in some ways foreshadows something to possibly come.

CreatorOfJanespeak: (Artist)


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