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Stab - Stab - Stab

track cover

By Interrobang.
Cover art by bobthetacocat tacocatcreative Twitter.
Released 4/10/2017.
Duration: 3:55.

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Artist commentary:

Interrobang: (Composer)

I had an idea for a Knife Party based Spades Slick song a while ago, but I scrapped it because i couldnt really think of where to go with it. However, I did have this other random piece that I was working on that was Walk-Stab-Walk but the ‘drums’ were those weird ASMR noises from Rain from Medium. At some point I realized I could just combine the two, and this song was born. Actually I’m really happy with how this turned out, I only wish I could have thought of an excuse to use Internet Friends samples. Special thanks to Bob for making my original track art idea look good.

bobthetacocat: (Artist)

"i want the track art to be like this but i can't seem to make it look right"
"i got you one sec"
(like 5 thousand days later)
"how's this"
"yes cool good"
"okay cool but let me add MORE"

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