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Licord Jazzcrasty

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By WarxTron user-98942170 SoundCloud.
Cover art by WarxTron user-98942170 SoundCloud, XenoZane xenozane Bandcamp xenozane Twitter, and Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr.
Released 4/10/2017.
Duration: 2:15.

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Tracks that Licord Jazzcrasty references:

Tracks that reference Licord Jazzcrasty:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:

WarxTron: (Composer)

This is my first song on a CANMT album, so i think it's kinda shitty, but i like it anyway and i hope you do to :)

XenoZane: (Artist)

i dont know why i am credited at all for this i did jack shit lmaoo

Scarodactyl: (Art Improver)

It was inevitable

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