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By Kanishka m3l0m4ni4c SoundCloud kanishka-tempts-fate Tumblr.
Cover art by Skyplayer Skyplayer37 Twitter skyplayer37 Twitch Homestuck_Info Twitter skyplayer Linktree.
Released 6/8/2019.
Duration: 3:24.

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Tracks that Unchained references:

Artist commentary:


I've always had a soft spot for Chain of Prospit with its quirky lyrics and extremely uplifting chorus, so when the time came to start working on a tribute album it didn't take me long to decide which song I'd bastardize. A departure from MTAHK's mellow sound, Unchained ended up being rather frantic and abrasive, resembling something akin to an explosive release of all the suppressed emotions that have been bottling up inside one's heart for way too long - destruction of emotional shackles, in other words. As for Skyplayer's artwork, I think it compensates for what the song might be lacking in terms of depth. Vivid 3-dimensional imagery paired with vibrant colours definitely makes it stand out from other illustrations.


Chain of Prospit has always been one of my all-time favorite Homestuck songs. Even just the title of Unchained immediately gave me visions of the Prospit Moon's broken connection to Prospit, but unlike [S] Descend, where the event is catastrophic, I wanted to depict the moon coming loose as a moment of freedom.

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