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Moons of Theseus

album cover

Cover art by Nick Tucker ( Tumblr ).
Wallpaper art by Nick Tucker ( Tumblr ).
Banner art by Nick Tucker ( Tumblr ).
Released 6/8/2019.
Duration: ~58:08.

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  1. (10:25) Home by Grace Medley and SplitSuns
  2. (4:22) Traveling by keyboard cait
  3. (3:24) Unchained by Kanishka
  4. (5:06) Dinosaur Pill by Ucklin
  5. (4:13) Ithaca Is Calling by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  6. (3:17) The Fifth Window by koba
  7. (6:12) The Return by SplitSuns
  8. (2:39) Pumpkin Tide (Gourdian Sea Version) by Ucklin
  9. (4:41) Self-Avoiding Walks by Kanishka
  10. (6:29) Negligent Murmur by Ucklin
  11. (7:20) Violet and Gold by Veritas Unae

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