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Appears in 69 cover arts.

Grimdate (Illust. melogomee)
Everyone Here, Fine and Happy, Let's Eat Some Cake and Play a Song (Illust. ricemilk)

blood (abstract)
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Requiem for a Daybreaker (Illust. DDP)
Yellow Yard (Illust. dunkaroonus)
Jade Tower (Illust. Aubbie)
Aggrieve (Knightcore Mix) (Illust. Gryotharian)
She's Out There (In The Sea Of Stars) (Illust. ricemilk)
Pesterquest Soundtrack (Illust. Homestuck)
Kanaya's Happy Time Meme Minute (Illust. Jonaya Riley)

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Four Kids (and a Game They Played Together) (Illust. star-nomad)
Pursuit in Polykrome (Illust. swanfire)
Ghost Hole (Illust. Jas)
Perfectly Generic Album (Illust. Cristata)
HAROLDBOUND (Illust. Tipsy)
8OSS!!!!!!!! (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
Thank you for listening to the album! (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
Recordare, Virgo Mater (Illust. artisticallyCrafty)
[Lesbians Inside] (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
Alternate Hues and Melodies (Illust. Culdhira, Hilaletto, SoulofWoods, melodic-co, Dazeywhisp, CALIKID)
Glowing Space Vampire (Illust. SoulofWoods)
Duodecim Diis Resurgemus (Illust. SoulofWoods)
Cue the Curtains (Illust. SoulofWoods)
Xenoplanetarium (Illust. nights)
Virgin Orb (Illust. allyssinian)
Darling Kanaya (Illust. vorpos)

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Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows (Illust. rose-ebottles)

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Rex Duodecim Angelus (Illust. floralmarsupial)
A Fairy Battle (Illust. Max Wilfre)
Daywalker ~Rise~ (Illust. Emily Jane)
Emerald Waltz (Illust. Beta)
My Lady Greensleeves (Illust. Shandy)
Black Hole / White Door (Illust. Circlejourney)
Strife Mayhem (Illust. Scarodactyl)

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Exsanguinated (Illust. Kate Griffith)
Amidst This Mess (Illust. William Leonard)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)
7 GRAND END (Illust. nights)
9 (Illust. nights, yazshu)
I Wanted So Much More (Illust. Pipko Fanfare)
X - V A P O R - N I G H T C O R E - R O M (Illust. Minish)
All We're Gonna Get (Illust. Pipko Fanfare, avocado)
Amidst This Mess (Illust. William Leonard)
Cognize (Illust. nights)
7 GRAND END (Illust. nights)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)
We three normal character so far in CANWC of orient are (Illust. koykoy13)
Fighter Kanaya (Album Cut) (Illust. Toast, trip)
THE JADE TROLL (Illust. Wights End, olkiswerve)
Act 8 Volume 1 (Illust. Act 8)
cool and new theme hospital present doctor (Illust. VulkanShawl)
The Ascended Twilight Fangirl (Illust. NyashAlex)
Rex Mille Geromius (Illust. miraculousAvantgarde, Wights End)
cool and new volume II (Illust. Makin, yazshu, Bambosh, koba, BitesizeBird, Discfortune, Cloudaria, miraculousAvantgarde, Noisemaker, Pipko Fanfare, Hadron)
Misery Loves Company (Illust. Hadron)
i am sitting in a piano (Illust. tegusoft)
Feel (Alive) (Illust. PJ Tush, Fenn, Mika B.)
Lilith in Starlight (Illust. Sera B.)
Thanks for Playing (Illust. Seth Massey)
Eternity, Served Cold (Canon Edit) (Illust. Homestuck)
Sylph Set On Fire (Illust. PhemieC)
Mary (Illust. PhemieC)
Dance of Viridian and Violet (Illust. rosesarecrimson)

blood (abstract)
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Rainbow Rebirth (Illust. Maddie Haines)
Unlabeled (Illust. Killian Ng)
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A (Illust. Shelby Cragg)

blood (abstract)
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Jade Sylph (Illust. Michelle Czajkowski)
A Fashionable Escape (Illust. melodiousDiscord)

blood, corpse
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Corpse Casanova (Illust. kayak)
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