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Homestuck Vol. 1-4 - Gallery

41 tracks totaling 1:24:09 hours. Released 10/24/2011.

Homestuck Vol. 1-4 (Illust. Homestuck)
Showtime (Piano Refrain) (Illust. Homestuck)
Harlequin (Illust. Homestuck)
Showtime (Original Mix) (Illust. Homestuck)
Aggrieve (Violin Refrain) (Illust. Homestuck)
Sburban Countdown (Illust. Homestuck)
Aggrieve (Illust. Homestuck)
Showtime (Imp Strife Mix) (Illust. Homestuck)
Nannaquin (Illust. Homestuck)
Skies of Skaia (Illust. Homestuck)
Harlequin (Rock Version) (Illust. Homestuck)
John Sleeps / Skaian Magicant (Illust. Homestuck)
Upward Movement (Dave Owns) (Illust. Homestuck)
Vagabounce (Illust. Homestuck)
Explore (Illust. Homestuck)
Gardener (Illust. Homestuck)
Showtime Remix (Illust. Homestuck)
Aggrieve Remix (Illust. Homestuck)
Verdancy (Bassline) (Illust. Homestuck)
Potential Verdancy (Illust. Homestuck)
Beatdown (Strider Style) (Illust. Homestuck)
Harleboss (Illust. Homestuck)
Beatdown Round 2 (Illust. Homestuck)
Dissension (Original) (Illust. Homestuck)
Dissension (Remix) (Illust. Homestuck)
Ohgodwhat (Illust. Homestuck)
Ohgodwhat Remix (Illust. Homestuck)
Rediscover Fusion (Illust. Homestuck)
Explore Remix (Illust. Homestuck)
Chorale for Jaspers (Illust. Homestuck)
Pony Chorale (Illust. Homestuck)
Revelawesome (Illust. Homestuck)
Hardlyquin (Illust. Homestuck)
Carefree Victory (Illust. Homestuck)
Ballad of Awakening (Illust. Homestuck)
Sburban Jungle (Illust. Alice Hu)
Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix) (Illust. Homestuck)
Doctor (Illust. Homestuck)
Endless Climb (Illust. Homestuck)
Atomyk Ebonpyre (Illust. Homestuck)
cw: blood
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Black (Illust. Homestuck)
Doctor (Original Loop) (Illust. Homestuck)
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