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Homestuck Vol. 5

album cover

Cover art by Lexxy lexxercise Tumblr Lexxercise Twitter
Wallpaper art by Lexxy lexxercise Tumblr Lexxercise Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Banner art by Lexxy lexxercise Tumblr Lexxercise Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 6/13/2010.
Duration: ~2:51:59.

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  1. (3:14) Homestuck Anthem by Clark Powell
  2. (2:09) Skaian Skirmish by Toby Fox
  3. (2:26) Savior of the Waking World by Toby Fox
  4. (0:35) Clockwork Melody by Clark Powell
  5. (2:42) Heirfare by Alex Rosetti
  6. (0:48) Jade's Lullaby by David Ko
  7. (3:01) Aggrievance by Mark J. Hadley
  8. (0:34) Happy Cat Song! by Michael Guy Bowman and Toby Fox
  9. (2:54) Hardchorale by Alex Rosetti and Toby Fox
  10. (2:30) An Unbreakable Union by Kalibration
  11. (3:04) Skaian Ride by Andrew Huo and Seth Peelle
  12. (1:25) White by Toby Fox
  13. (2:11) Octoroon Rangoon by Toby Fox
  14. (3:57) Pumpkin Cravings by Seth Peelle
  15. (3:18) Welcome to the New Extreme by Robert J! Lake
  16. (1:27) Crystalanthemums by Alex Rosetti
  17. (5:06) Skaia (Incipisphere Mix) by Solatrus
  18. (2:18) Sarabande by Erik Scheele
  19. (1:04) Clockwork Sorrow by David Ko
  20. (1:43) Phantasmagoric Waltz by Alex Rosetti
  21. (3:05) Sunslammer by Seth Peelle
  22. (1:52) Lotus Land Story by Toby Fox
  23. (1:37) Chorale for War by Steve Everson
  24. (2:41) Electromechanism by SolusLunes
  25. (0:56) Unsheath'd by Alex Rosetti
  26. (2:03) Versus by Toby Fox
  27. (1:39) Planet Healer by Seth Peelle
  28. (1:43) Bed of Rose's / Dreams of Derse by Mark J. Hadley
  29. (1:30) Skaian Flight by Kalibration
  30. (3:43) How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box Version) by Michael Guy Bowman
  31. (2:24) Dupliblaze COMAGMA by Toby Fox
  32. (1:17) Moonshatter by Toby Fox
  33. (1:32) Sunsetter by Toby Fox
  34. (1:39) Lotus by Seth Peelle
  35. (3:09) Ruins (With Strings) by Erik Scheele and Michael Guy Bowman
  36. (1:39) Ectobiology by David Ko
  37. (1:44) Upholding the Law by Alex Rosetti
  38. (2:25) Underworld by Steve Everson
  39. (3:10) Crystamanthequins by Erik Scheele
  40. (2:12) Endless Climbing by Perry Sullivan
  41. (1:44) Land of the Salamanders by David Ko
  42. (2:08) Medical Emergency by Alex Rosetti
  43. (2:37) Shatterface by SolusLunes
  44. (4:33) Clockwork Contrivance by Clark Powell
  45. (1:18) Get Up by Toby Fox
  46. (1:32) Vertical Motion by Toby Fox
  47. (5:27) The Beginning of Something Really Excellent by Robert J! Lake
  48. (3:02) Pyrocumulus (Kickstart) by Robert J! Lake
  49. (2:11) Skaian Skuffle by Andrew Huo
  50. (1:36) Throwdown by Steve Everson
  51. (2:37) Darkened by SolusLunes
  52. (3:06) Valhalla by Kalibration
  53. (1:40) Amphibious Subterrain by Toby Fox
  54. (4:27) Light by Erik Scheele
  55. (3:04) Softly by Robert J! Lake
  56. (2:50) Greenhouse by Michael Guy Bowman
  57. (0:50) Space Prankster by David Ko
  58. (2:48) Ecstasy by Steve Everson
  59. (2:10) Snow Pollen by Toby Fox
  60. (6:43) Endless Heart by SolusLunes
  61. (2:34) Candles and Clockwork by James Dever
  62. (1:40) Can Town by Alex Rosetti
  63. (1:13) Plague Doctor by Steve Everson
  64. (1:15) Enlightenment by Steve Everson
  65. (0:58) Doctor Remix by Gabriel Nezovic
  66. (3:39) Biophosphoradelecrystalluminescence by Robert J! Lake
  67. (4:48) Switchback by SolusLunes and Buoyant
  68. (2:09) Song of Life by Steve Everson
  69. (2:02) Cathedral of the End by SolusLunes
  70. (4:25) Descend by Toby Fox
  71. (2:27) Homestuck by Mark J. Hadley

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post, excerpt)

Homestuck Vol. 5 is here. To call it a mega-album is an understatement. IT HAS 71 SONGS.

And before I get carried away talking about it, we're releasing this under a new VERY SERIOUS AND LEGIT RECORD LABEL, which is called What Pumpkin. I thought this would be a much tidier container for all these crazy music projects we're cranking out. Oh and there will be more.

The idea I had for volume five was to gather up a lot of music that had been accumulating, and stuff it all into this monster album. Like, WAY more songs than would ever be sensible to put in an album and still call it an album. The result is something so audacious, it just might be COMPLETELY MINDBLOWINGLY INCREDIBLE. You be the judge. I already know your verdict though.

Additionally the concept was to make a huge soundtrack that touches on the magnitude of the story that has been swelling steadily for more than a year. The soundtrack is meant to evoke all the things taking place that we perhaps aren't seeing in this universe, or that could happen, but that the linear focus of the narrative simply can't contain. You're invited to imagine the bigger story the album is telling.

Bear in mind this album is not merely a giant song dump. I feel like I arranged this mix pretty carefully. And on top of that, it is a seamless album. There are transitions between songs built into the songs, so it all runs together as a cohesive whole. It's all equalized and mastered very well. There is nearly three solid hours of music to listen to. And it is less than fifteen dollars.

Now it seems like I can never release one of these things without thanking my knuckles to a bloody pulp as I rain blows of merciless gratitude on everyone around me, and for good reason. Lots of people worked their asses off on this thing. It always seems like such a simple idea. Hey lets make an album! All this music is right here it'll take like two seconds to ram it out. Wrong stupid! So here I am assuming the flying crane position of indebtedness while I meditate on the fact that I'm about to snap the spines of fifty helpless thank ninjas in cold blooded succession.

Thanks to Cindy who worked forever on the new website and uploaded a million giant high quality songs which take forever to upload as it turns out and also hounding everyone for their files and stuff. Thanks to Clark Powell for doing great mastering/equalizing work on all the songs, and thanks to Toby Fox for doing additionally great work of a similar nature. Thanks to all the musicians for lighting a fire under their bone bulges to get high quality files to us and of course not being able to help themselves from making all these killer upgrades to the music itself in the process. And thanks to Lexxy for the ultraslick cover art!

I am never going to stop listening to this thing. Never. They'll have to send the cadaver dogs into my fucking unibomber shack cause I ain't coming out, and the fire ants will be wondering how they're gonna eat the rotting pulp in my skull with these headphones blocking my earholes like that.

Cindy Dominguez: ( news post)

We're kicking this thing off ("this thing" being with the launch of Homestuck Vol. 5, the latest in a wicked-sweet line of albums for MS Paint Adventure's Homestuck. This means you can stop doing the antsy pants album dance; it's finally here! For a while now I've heard some of you dudes saying "But, but there have only been a few songs in Homestuck so far! There are not nearly enough tunes for another album!" And you're right. There haven't been that many featured Homestuck songs since the last album. But far be it from us to not do something because we don't have enough of something. We managed [to] scrape together enough stuff to fill in the gaps and produce a complete album, with a tidy 71 total songs.

So why all the songs you haven't heard in Homestuck? This album is serving a bit of a different purpose than the previous albums. The idea behind Vol. 5 is that you are listening to the soundtrack of the game/story on a much broader scale. You're hearing scores for scenes and situations that are happening in the bigger picture, but that we are just not seeing in the visual depiction of the adventure. This music is meant to be evocative of all the things that are happening in the story while we're not looking. And it's incredible.

Before I wrap this up, I need to give major kudos to all the musicians involved for pulling out all the stops on this album, to Clark "Plazmataz" Powell and Toby "Radiation" Fox for giving me a huge hand in prepping this monster album, and to Lexxy Douglass for taking on the album cover art on short notice and delivering a beautiful work of art. And also I think I'll sneak in a thanks to Andrew for busting his ass all the time to produce the vehicle that supports all this amazing music.

Homestuck: ( side blurb)

The fifth official Homestuck album, and is just rife with music. Has songs that span Acts 2 to 5, plus brand new tunes.

Homestuck: ( "about the albums" blurb)

The fifth official Homestuck album, and which is totally insane and exploding with music. Has songs that span Acts 2 to 5, plus about a billion brand new tunes you haven't heard before.

Gorgeous album cover art by Alexandra "Lexxy" Douglass

Michael Guy Bowman:

This Volume is a little bit of an oddity in that it's hyper-long and is consisted overwhelmingly of tracks that have not appeared in the comic whatsoever, so you might not be quite so initially motivated to purchase it as you would for one of the soundtracks proper, however, I assure you, there is some really great material on there. The album hits the tip of the creative iceberg that has been the MSPA music project (which I guess is now formally What Pumpkin records) and shows only a fraction of the endless piles upon piles of "other" music that exists on the not-so-secret music forums.

Andrew has been definitely at a crossroads with the music - the response to his open casting call for the music project over a year ago almost immediately exploded with music, initially with the pretense that we were going to be creating short loops (as in the strife themes such as Showtime). However, when the comic started to operate more cinematically and less like an adventure game, more and more the concentration became on how our music could be used to create the numerous extensive flash-animated cutscenes, some of which fans have awaited and anticipated for days on end.

This pretty much imploded with the end of Act 3, when Andrew informed us all that he was going to cut back on the animations after spending a week working on the accompanying animation for Sburban Jungle day and night on end. Since then, the focus has drifted to various new sectors which I guess will just have to be a surprise to all of you. Either way, consider the new album an outlet for you to sample music inspired by and written for Homestuck and as a chance to support this new community that Andrew has shepherded.

Lexxy: (cover artist & booklet editor, DeviantArt)

On Wednesday this past week, I was offered the task of illustrating the album cover for the Homestuck Vol. 5 Soundtrack, and this is a preview of the result! Since this album is a whopping 71 tracks long, featuring a wealth of unreleased original songs as well as remixes and the latest [S] tracks, I decided to go the extra mile and produce a small PDF album insert with a full track list of each song title and its artist. The images shown here are the wraparound illustration that makes up the front and back covers and a modified version of the background that was faded to put behind the inner pages.

I might make the plain background into some desktop wallpapers to share, but if you want the nice, big print-quality version of the first one, you'll have to buy the album! It's not expensive, and you'll be supporting the musicians who help make Homestuck such a unique and awesome webcomic!

Today also marks the launch of MSPA's official record label, What Pumpkin?, so check it out!

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Track art on these tracks has been uploaded from the Homestuck Vol. 5 Anthology! The official release of Vol. 5 didn't come with track art; this collaborative project organized artists to submit their own original art for the album. The art was originally shared in a huge colection on tumblr on 4/13/17 and has now been collected here for viewing convenience and discoverability!

(Check out the Vol. 5 Anthology Presentation for an awesome animated showing of the anthology art and original tracks!)

allyssinian: (anthology announcement, Tumblr, excerpt)

Homestuck Vol. 5 Track Fan Art: Call for Artists!

Hi everyone, @allyssinian here! Over the last few months, I came to the realization that out of all the albums for homestuck, Vol. 5 is the only numbered album to not have individual track art, which is a shame because Vol. 5 has some of the best music for the comic!

That’s where we come in: as a collaboration between @cityinthesea and I, we will be hosting a track fan art anthology! There will be one piece of art per track, for all 65 songs (above is an example of 039- Endless Climbing, by @allyssinian).

The final deliverable will be a free downloadable file of all the images. Because of issues with copyright, this is an unpaid fan project, but we hope you enjoy participating all the same!

Vol. 5 Track Art Anthology: (Tumblr set #2, set #3, set #4, set #5, set #6, set #7, set #8)

Hey everyone! It’s 4/13, and that means we have the official release for the Vol. 5 Anthology Fan Anthology! Please enjoy the hard work of all the lovely artists who participated.

Sollay: (anthology team, Tumblr, excerpt)

Hello! A couple of years ago, @allyssinian, @cityinthesea and I (but first of all ally, lest we forget) gathered a large group of artists to draw the missing art of Volume 5, but the collective download link is no longer up and none of us has access to the official Tumblr account anymore, so I’m making this post now to share a new one!

>> Download Homestuck Vol 5 Anthology

We had a fantastic time and the results were absolutely amazing! I recommend checking out each of the aritsts that took part on this fan project, although time has passed and some of them may have changed their names and are probably going to be harder to find, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the first post has been deleted. Kind of an empty gesture to make up to that, but the credits for that one are, in this order: linde-enge, seiii-tan, cityinthesea, fizzmouth and sollay-b.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp download blurb)

Includes full album cover art and musician credits pages by the singularly talented Alexandra "Lexxy" Douglass.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Ladies and Gentlemen, your musicians:

Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Andrew Huo
Alexander Rosetti
Malcolm Brown
Mark Hadley
David Ko
Michael Guy Bowman
Robert Blaker
Seth "Beatfox" Peelle
Robert J! Lake
Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
Erik "Jit" Scheele
Steve Everson
Jared Micks
George Buzinkai
Nick Smalley
Perry Sullivan
Tyler "Seppuku" Dever
Gabe Nezovic

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