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Album commentary


Presented for Stuck At Home Con 2021, we bring you a new Homestuck fan album, complete with multiple, unheard tracks!

You can watch the live premiere of the album on the SAHCon youtube (/sahcon).

Talkin' Sh8t



Everyone Here, Fine and Happy, Let's Eat Some Cake and Play a Song


The game finally ended. Come over, let's eat some cake and play that song your dad liked.
The base motif is obviously Harlequin, but it's jazzy.
One of the main inspirations is Moonsweater by David Ellis, it's great.
Playing everything live on real instruments just feels different to me, and I really like that feeling.
It was very fun to iterate on the parts and do all different solos.

Day One


I had just downloaded a Gameboy VST and REALLY wanted to use it. Intended to be a track based on the first day spent on Earth C. My FL Studio stopped working towards the end so I couldn't quite do EVERYTHING I wanted with it, but I'm still happy with how it turned out.

Live from the Meteor

August Riley:

This was inspired by listening to a lot of Gemini and Frankie Knuckles, I wasn't able to really replicate their sound (mainly cause my voice sucks) but it was a great challenge and a lot of fun. The name of the track is based off of all of the house sets that I love that are always labeled Live at (insert venue here).

no homo

for stuck at home con. fruity tune

this is my 11th year knowing what homestuck is and i think thats crazy

Nostalgia Paradox


It started as a sequel to October (By Erik "Jit" Scheele) but i gave up and basically came up with something more weird and original to celebrate this great virtual convention where im too shy to talk!

Pumpkin Tide (TV's I Can Barely Sleep I Have To Quickly Finish This Rock Cover)


This is a cover of Michael Guy Bowman's Pumpkin Tide from Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido, loosely based on his acoustic version on Youtube with inspirations from the original and personal interpretation.

I joined this project literally five days before SAHcon, so I hurried up to find something fun I could complete quickly enough, and this was a good idea since I love this song, it's within my vocal range, had chords readily available, and also MTaHK turned 10 years old very recently so this was a great opportunity ! Went for a quick and dirty punk rock cover with cool keyboards, with the mixing stage a bit rushed towards the end but best I could do. also I'm still very new to vocals so bear with me here

When the Curtains Part


This is my last Homestuck track. (Well, it's intended to be...) It's been an amazing run with the Homestuck fandom. Thank you for being there for my music and making me realise it's not bad!

The bittersweet tragedy and cosmic tone of Homestuck always reminded me a bit of Chinese novels and folk tales, I thought it'd work if I brought my (already overt) Chinese music influences into the track. The backing lyrics at the end roughly translate to "We'll fly forth together / unafraid of the cold and dark / enter the brilliance of the new universe / conductor of the spacetime orchestra."



Cro originally suggested doing Lofi Elevatorstuck, so there's that. Absolutely loved the idea and started doing that right when I first read it in the chat.

Storywise, it's mostly about Alpha Rose and the world they're living in. And specifically, the song is about the Roxy Pestequest route where we meet Alpha Rose and then return back with Roxy.

Went a bit overboard with sound effects, but none of them are random, and all fit well with the story.

Initially, I did both the main minor version and the major intro version, but they alone didn't quite work by themselves. So, there came the idea that both could be combined in a pretty dramatic way, with the vibe suddenly changing from major to minor when we teleport to Rose.

Inspiration: random stuff I heard at 2am on 'lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to'

Translucence, Transience


a track tailored for the SAHCON album, inspired by Egbert.

Slow Dancing in the Clockwork Hall


This is the last of my three tracks on the album, and it's a cute little orchestral Clockwork Melody arrangement about Dave's and Rose's journey.

Didn't think I would do this. Moreover, I didn't really do orchestral stuff before.

Clockwork Melody is one of my favorite leitmotifs in Homestuck, and I like to play it on every occasion I get on any instrument I get my hands on. It made sense that I'd want to make a full arrangement of it.

So I went with the flow, and here's that. I really like what came out of this.

*Btw, it might be easy to spot that James Roach's work on Hiveswap OST was quite an inspiration there.

*Shoutout to Ableton devs for "Capture MIDI" feature. It's when you jam along with the song, play a cool part, but then realize you weren't recording it and won't be able to do it once again. The button captures this part back as if it was recorded. This such a great way to write complex stuff without the usual pressure of arranging or recording. Such a killer feature!

5 Years Older

YoItsCro: (album organizer)

Featuring 40 references and motifs!

One Last Strife


Wanted to do a quick chiptune track for the album. Honestly I'm really proud of it despite how simple it is.

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