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track cover

track cover

By Mark J. Hadley ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Homestuck.
Released 8/9/2009.
Duration: 1:43.

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Tracks that reference Harlequin:

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Print or download sheet music files:

Piano score by Mark J. Hadley (original composer)
Sheet music by Tsuwami

Download MIDI/project files:

MIDI by IronInvoker47
MIDI by Unknown (piano)

Artist commentary:

Mark J. Hadley:

With the introduction of the harlequins around John's house in the comic, I was inspired to make a theme song for them. Since it was still early on in the comic, I decided to do it in an 8-bit style, and I figured that I could make remixes of it later if harlequins still turned out to be important in the comic. It turns out I didn't have to very much, since a lot of the other music team ended up remixing it! It still stands as my most favorite 8-bit melodies I've written.

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