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A Late Night Shift

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By Shwan hakuchou Bandcamp KchoKuchou YouTube hakuchou Linktree.
Released 6/30/2018.
Duration: 2:45.

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(Hey y'all it's me ost, I thought we'd do something a little different today)
(So I got my uh--[unintelligible] Live Procedurally Generated Digital Audio Workspace here...)
(And it just a moment I'm going to be running this um-- this whole music from, um-- ah-- Happy Hospital, which is an actual hospital that I'll-- um-- Actually I'll call them and you can see. But-- so the hospital commissioned this whole music-- I was able to get my hands on the midi so I'm gonna turn the MIDI into 15-8 just to see what it sounds like--)
(So... yeah I'll call the hospital now and you can see what the hospital sounds like)

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