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Nick Smalley is Losing Time

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By WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES what Bandcamp whats-this-thing-here SoundCloud.
Released 6/30/2018.
Duration: 3:39.

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Tracks that Nick Smalley is Losing Time references:

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(Get ready)

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0:00 "Deadline" by Kusoro, "Nick Smalley on the Harmonium Ladies and Gentlemen" by Isoleucine

0:23 "Repent" by whimsi

1:33 "Double Time" by Nicholas Nakano

2:21 "Nick Bostrom Pays For His Sins" by Kal-la-kal-la

2:42 "despacito 2" by MrCheeze

3:00 "Out of Out of Time" by AlphaShire

3:12 "you will pay for this by cookiefonster

3:18 "flatlined" by bobthetacocat

3:30 "Out of Continues" by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES

Makin: (Noticer)

I notice that, though not directly referenced, the decision to use the Delay Lama VST in this track clearly comes from Mathias Ramalho's track "Pleasin' Medicin'".

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