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Part Ways Awayways

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track cover

Tags: Jhon, Skaia, Veil, Derse

By Mathias Ramalho ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ).
Released 6/30/2018.
Duration: 4:00.

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Tracks that reference Part Ways Awayways:

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(See you on the other side)

Artist commentary:

Mathias Ramalho: (Composer)

0:06 "Birth Certificate: The Bornaning" by TirantBacon, "Separated at Birth" by GoomFloomps.

0:17 "Ready Player Five" by ost, "The Fifth World" by cookiefonster.

0:52 "Doctor" By Buzinkai.

1:04 "Insanatorium" by FrostyMac, "Hospital Box 14113" by Kusoro

1:25 "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee, "Sabia" by Whimsi, "Melody of the Heart" by bobthetacocat

1:38 "A Late Night Shift" by Shwan

1:50 "Penumbra Phantasm" by Toby "Toby Fox" Fox

2:25 "Open Heart Surgery" by Noisemaker, "Panic! at the operating table" by Difarem, "Waiting Room" by Interrobang

2:48 "Happy Hospital" by ost, "Pleasin' Medicin'" by FriendlyCoy

3:11 "Patienct" by FriendlyCoy, "Doctor's Orders by sylvarn

3:35 "Alternative Medicine" by Mines, "Alternative Orders" by Koba

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