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Happy Hospital

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Tags: Jhon, Skaia, Veil, Derse

By ostrichlittledungeon ( Bandcamp ).
Released 6/30/2018.
Duration: 4:23.

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(Hey y'all it's me ost, I thought we'd do something a little different today)
(So I got my uh--[unintelligible] Live Procedurally Generated Digital Audio Workspace here...)
(And it just a moment I'm going to be running this um-- this whole music from, um-- ah-- Happy Hospital, which is an actual hospital that I'll-- um-- Actually I'll call them and you can see. But-- so the hospital commissioned this whole music-- I was able to get my hands on the midi so I'm gonna turn the MIDI into 15-8 just to see what it sounds like--)
(So... yeah I'll call the hospital now and you can see what the hospital sounds like)
(Alright we're gonna put a call through to the hospital and... hopefully we'll be on hold and we'll be able to listen to the music. Here, put it on speaker)
(Just leave it on the bud)
(Hello, Happy Hospital)
(Hi, I was wondering if I could schedule an appointment for my... my son. Could you put me through to pediatrics?)
(Sure, one second. Please hold)
(Here we go!)

(Uh, alright, so that was, that was our whole music)
(So, I got my instruments ready here. I've selected, selected guitars, synths, an accordion, and a bass)
(And we're gonna, we're gonna, smaller things like drumkits and stuff, but we're going to put this on, um, generate, and we'll see what happens. See you on the other side)

([unintelligible] Live, guys, buy it now, 3.55 on Amazon)

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