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Catchyegrabber (Skipper Plumbthroat's Song)

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By Alex Rosetti albatrosssoup Bandcamp albatrosssoup SoundCloud rosettimusic Tumblr YouTube YouTube albatrosssoup Twitter.
Released 8/26/2010.
Duration: 4:33.

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They call me Skipper Plumbthroat
'Tis a name ye'd best remember (Yar)
I'm captain of me ol' boat
The Grundy Catchyegrabber (Oh-ho)

I travel the seven seas
In search of valuable ink
It sparkles like a blessing
Of unicorns made from zinc

I'll row, row, row me boat
Collect that valuable prize
I need the stuff to stay afloat
'Tis the apple of me eyes

This ink that I do seek
Comes from little Squiddles
They swim around and squeak
And are full of Squiddle giggles

My fishing nets will grab
A tentacle or two
And maybe afterwards
I'll have some Squiddle Stew!

Row, row, row me boat
An' throw out all o' me nets
Those squids won't know what hit 'em
'Til they're payin' off me debts

(Yes... if I... if I ever can pay off me debts, I mean, I... I still have to pay for... school. My... I mean... just- never mind, never mind! Just, well...)

Sometimes I have to ask meself
Skipper, where's your life led ya?
You dropped right out of law school
To sell rutabagas (I need a tangle buddy.)

My poor business flopped
I was penniless once more
So land for sea I swapped
And left my native shore

Strugglin' to stay afloat
But it's all right, I guess
Just as long as I can gloat
An' sail an' fish an' Aggress

(Aggress. I love aggressin'. Yar, har. Ah-har. Yar-har!)

I've come far, that's for sure
Nanna Plumbthroat would be proud (Yes, she would.)
I've no time to be demure
'Cause I'm scary as a storm cloud (Or scarier!)

The fishin' life's for me
I love me job, I love me life
Catching Squiddles of the sea!

(Yar-har-har. I'll get those little Squiddles yet. If I can... if I can just get enough money, and... maybe overcome my crippling depression. But... but I have friends, I have a crew! They... they like me and, but... well... I mean...)

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