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Plumbthroat Gives Chase

By Alex Rosetti (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter).
Released 8/26/2010.
Duration: 2:51.

Listen on YouTube.


Tracks that Plumbthroat Gives Chase references:


(This might not fit my... rude alter ego, but I really love drinking tea and eating broccoli. But don’t tell anyone!)

(Yar-har, time for some Squiddle Stew!)
(Come here, Squiddles! Little Squiddles! Ha, ha, har!)

(Come back here, you Squiddles!)
(I’ll show you tangle buddles! I’ll show you tangle... hoo-)
(Darn those Squiddles, come back with my pants!)

(Darn those Squiddles, where are my pants?)
(I am embarrassed that you Squiddles have had to see my naked body.)

(I’ll get you yet, you Squiddles!)
(Well, EXCUSE me, Squiddles!)
(Squiddles! Curse you, Squiddles!)
(You have yet to see the power of the Catchyegrabber!)

(I wish I had a job! I wish I wasn’t such a- [unintelligible] this! [unintelligible] Skipper Plumbthroat!)

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