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album cover

Cover art by Cindy Dominguez.
Wallpaper art by Cindy Dominguez.
Banner art by Cindy Dominguez.
Released 8/26/2010.
Duration: ~1:00:03.

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Main album: (~59:44)
  1. (2:54) Squiddles! by Alex Rosetti
  2. (1:10) Rainbow Valley by David Ko
  3. (0:50) Squiddle Parade by Ian Taylor
  4. (1:09) Squiddle March by Erik Scheele
  5. (4:15) Tangled Waltz by Michael Guy Bowman
  6. (1:41) Sun-Speckled Squiddly Afternoon by Alex Rosetti
  7. (5:16) Squiddles Campfire by Erik Scheele
  8. (3:43) Friendship is Paramount by Seth Peelle
  9. (1:15) Lazybones by Steve Everson
  10. (1:57) Tentacles by Robert J! Lake
  11. (1:43) Squiddles Happytime Fun Go! by Robert J! Lake
  12. (1:22) The Sound of Pure Squid Giggles by Nick Smalley
  13. (3:05) Squiddle Samba by Michael Guy Bowman
  14. (4:11) Squiddles in Paradise by Solatrus
  15. (2:00) Squiddidle! by Malcolm Brown
  16. (4:33) Catchyegrabber (Skipper Plumbthroat's Song) by Alex Rosetti
  17. (2:51) Plumbthroat Gives Chase by Alex Rosetti
  18. (1:51) Squiddles the Movie Trailer - The Day the Unicorns Couldn't Play by Toby Fox
  19. (2:16) Carefree Princess Berryboo by Alex Rosetti
  20. (4:27) Mister Bowman Tells You About the Squiddles by Michael Guy Bowman
  21. (2:09) Ocean Stars by Mark J. Hadley
  22. (5:06) Let the Squiddles Sleep (End Theme) by Robert J! Lake
Bonus tracks: (0:19)
  1. (0:19) Friendship Aneurysm by Alex Rosetti

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post, excerpt)


Hey guys, guess what the next album is all about! No, your guess is wrong. It is a Squiddles album. Surprise!

Here is an important thing to note before all else. This album comes with a full-length animation! That is a link to the trailer. The full version comes with the download.

A lot of the same people who have contributed to MSPA animations lately worked on that animation. In fact, they did 100% of it! Conceptualized it and storyboarded it and drew all the assets, all under the supervision of a very skilled Flash animator named Paige Turner.

This album began percolating many months ago, and as with much of what this music fellowship works on, it snowballed in quantity and silliness and awesomeness over an extended period of time. It began with Alex Rosetti's great single track (1st in playlist), a snippet of which found its way into the big [S] Descend mashup.

The idea we formed around that song was to make an album that would serve as the soundtrack for a fictional cartoon show for kids, full of ridiculous happy tunes with strong themes of friendship and chock full of squeaky noises and aquatic gurglings. Seems to me like they pulled it off. It's very easy to picture this as a real show now!

Most of what you hear and see is musician/artist-conceptualized. I didn't have much of a hand in it other than the original idea. The guiding principle for working on Squiddles stuff is, any idea someone has for it automatically becomes Squiddles canon. So really anything going on here, candy corn shrimp, skipper Plumbthroat's connivings, underwater unicorns, all that came together through the collaboration of these artists while I sat quietly and boggled vacantly at their shenanigans. These guys are a bunch of nuts. But they are your nuts, and now their work is yours as well.

Go buy this (cheap!) album and have yourself a friendship aneurysm.

Cindy Dominguez: ( news post)

Alright, so we did it. We decided to make a soundtrack dedicated solely to a nonexistant cartoon show about little cutesy-pie squid-things. So we told the musicians, "make this thing." Not only did they make it, they made it with 22 songs (and a short bonus track). Most of the song titles have the word "Squiddle" in them, and I'm pretty sure about 70% of the lyrics are also comprised of the word as well. It was just about the silliest project idea you could think of, but here's the thing: the musicians did a fan-squiddlin'-tastic job on this music. These are some very genuinely great songs, with the added bonus that they might also make you laugh. Win-win, right? So go give it a listen.

Now I'm going to say a name, and I would like you to join me in giving some major props to this person for going the extra mile (beyond just making some fabulous songs) in getting this album collected, organized, prepped and mixed, as well as keeping the project on track for months (yes, this thing was a long time in the making!). Okay get ready for it here is the name: ALEXANDER ROSETTI. Remember that name, and give him the biggest props you can muster for being an awesome contributor and outstanding fellow.

Make sure you save a few props though, because I am going to be sharing another name with you in a moment.

Let me tell you about an EXTRA SPECIAL THING. This album is not just about music. Nope, we got a bunch of spectacular artists in on the act as well, and thanks to their efforts we're including with the album an animation set to a track called (this may surprise you) "Squiddles!". It is adorable and hilarious and you can watch a short preview of it here. The complete animation is included with the purchase of the album as an .SWF file. It was a big collaborative effort, and I'm about to mention that name I warned you about earlier: PAIGE TURNER. All the artists contributed art of course, but this is the guy who directed and corralled everybody's efforts, did a bunch of awesome art herself (plus a puppet show!!), and put the whole animation together. Fabulous job!

There were so many people involved in this that I went ahead and made a separate credits page just for this album. Take a look and tell all these people what a great job they did by buying this ridicudorable album.

Homestuck: ( side blurb)

The soundtrack for a cartoon show about tiny adorable fictional cephalopods. You've been waiting your entire life for this and it's finally here.

Homestuck: ( "about the albums" blurb)

Fake band? No, more like a real soundtrack to a fake children's cartoon show about tiny squid-like sea creatures. Fake show, that is, not fake children. Actually the children are fake too. It's a fake show for fake kids, but the music is real and very good. Get it? Then get it! The album, I mean. Get the album.

It includes a full-length animation set to the album's title track, which you can preview right here!

Click here for album and animation credits.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp download blurb)

COOL BONUSES INCLUDED: Squiddles animation (in .swf format) and PDF booklet with lyrics and credits!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Album by these fine musicians:
Alexander Rosetti
David Ko
Ian Taylor
Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
Erik "Jit" Scheele
Michael Guy Bowman
Seth "Beatfox" Peelle
Steve Everson
Robert J! Lake
Nick Smalley
Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
Malcolm Brown
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Mark Hadley

And Squiddles! animation by:
Paige Turner (lead animator)
Rebecca Harding
Brett Muller
Kara Roas
Michael Firman
Cindy Dominguez
Richard Gung
Nic Carey

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