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By Levc Other levc-egm SoundCloud LevcEGM YouTube Levc_EGM Twitter levc_egm Instagram.
Cover art by Reaver.
Released 6/19/2020.
Duration: 2:53.

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Tracks that Chat references:

Artist commentary:

Levc: (Desynced OST Discord liveblog commentary)

chat was originally inspired by a leftover idea I had for a homestuck fan song

it was supposed to be a bossanova medley of many tracks from the comic

I really wanted to do something with the concept of "background music for when character are talking" since a lot of homestuck music tries to go for other more exciting places to give some kind of score

but since it is a comic with lots of words

it was weird to not find or remember a track about said lots of words

it was supposed to have the friendship theme, but I confused the motifs and didn't bother to correct

Jebb: (Desynced OST Discord liveblog commentary)

I mean, this perfectly fits that idea of a bg "chatting music" imo

It sounds a lot like a ringtone but that makes it even better

Levc: (Desynced OST Discord liveblog commentary)

if I remember correctly I made the rington first and then expanded it into the rest of the song so it makes sense lmao

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