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Additional or alternate names:

  • What Was Y'all Thinkin'? (YouTube)
  • What Was Y'all Thinkin'? (SoundCloud, minus album name)
  • what-was-yall-thinkin-joshs-theme (SoundCloud URL, minus album name)

By Rainy andyomon00 SoundCloud rainywishes Tumblr YouTube YouTube andyomon00 Twitter.
Cover art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter.
Released 6/19/2020.
Duration: 2:38.

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Artist commentary:

Rainy: (YouTube / SoundCloud descriptions, excerpt)

When I asked if we needed any more tracks for Vol.2, Dizzy told me that she wanted a theme for everyone's favorite gamer, Josh Summer. She and Joseph said wanted something in a similar vain to "Arcjec's theme" from the Vast Error Album, Catch 322. Since that's like one of my favorite tracks from the Vast Error soundtrack, I was very much chomping at the bit to do Josh's theme. In terms of actual inspiration, I took influence from Walkaround style music found on albums like Alterniabound and the aforementioned catch 322. I also took notable influence from "Red Sucker" and the works of Carpenter Brute to create this really intense electronic rock song. Also before y'all ask, the title is a reference to a tik-tok that Joseph likes.

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