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By Rainy andyomon00 SoundCloud rainywishes Tumblr YouTube YouTube andyomon00 Twitter.
Cover art by Mikkynga Thelilhamstar Twitter
Released 6/19/2020.
Duration: 2:38.

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Tracks that Egress references:

Artist commentary:

Rainy: (YouTube / SoundCloud descriptions, excerpt)

I have a lot of mixed feeling towards the track, which is weird since it's the track I'm probably most known for. Dizzy asked me to make the song for the a flash that would become [S]Evan: Exit very early on into Vol.2 Development. So I tried to make a track that was a multi faceted as something like Umbral Ultimatum. However, I felt like the track was a bit of a mess in terms of actual composition. it felt like it didn't really come together like I wanted and I was pretty bummed about it. However, when it got used in the flash, I turned my opinion around on it slightly. While it might not be my favorite song I did for vol.2, I do appreciate the experience it gave me.

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