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feeling cool and new

track cover

track cover

Tags: CANMT-Tan

By koba ( Twitter , YouTube , Tumblr , External ( ).
Cover art by Sozzay ( Tumblr ).
Released 7/2/2017.
Duration: 2:18.

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(I'm sitting here like, dude, let's do some comics, let's do some music, let's do some fucking voice act— that's fun.)

[Sampled vocals from "feeling right" by Moe Shop]

(I want your everything, every single part of you)
(If you think you can fuck with me, you're going to lose)
(I want to taste your love, anything you want to do)
(And I'll kill you if you try to run, you're mine and mine alone)

[Heavily glitched]
(They don't love you like I do, they don't love you like I do)
(They don't love you like I do, they don't love you like I do)

(Then it's like hey, uhh, what about we just be super cancerous and uhh, make like a buncha shit. Um, but you have so much other stuff you can do. You have good, like, music people who are willing to do music. But, like what if we made memes! I mean, yeah that's fun, but how about some real stuff? Nah, I like memes. Alright.)

Artist commentary:

Koba: (Composer)

ur waifu is shit

Sozzay: (Artist)

The goal in mind was canmt-tan drawn in a more anime style with a colour scheme of light blue, pink and/or purple. I went about this piece as normal and admittedly wasn't too confident with how things were turning out at first, but I kept going and ended up really satisfied with the final product. Lately I haven't been creating pieces this bright and light-hearted, so, despite the difficulties, it was a very nice and new experience. Jaspy is great and cool.

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