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Nakkin' Ned's Nice Naks

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By Interrobang.
Cover art by Makin.
Released 7/2/2017.
Duration: 2:22.

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Tracks that Nakkin' Ned's Nice Naks references:


(Nak x413)

(MONEYYYYY) (Here we go, money talks) (HERE COMES THE MONEY)

Artist commentary:

Discfortune: (Vocalist)


ft-rj: (Vocalist)

nak-nak nak-nak nak naknaknak-nak naknaknaknaknaknanana-nak nak-nak-nak-nak nak [to the tune of u.n. owen was her]

Makin: (Artist)


Interrobang: (Composer)

I actually made quite a few songs between volumes 8 and 9, but the ones that werent used in Intermishin or JPEG had the weird problem of getting onto LOFAM, and werent that CANWC related anyway, so I decided to just revoke them from this project. In their place, I wanted something that was firmly rooted in CANWC, and what bette than a song about everyone’s favorite Act 4 walkaround character, Nakkin’ Ned? Many of the parts of this song were taken from the Bassnectar remix of Beats Antique’s “Roustabout” (go listen to it), and many of the other elements were fittingly inspired by Genesis Frog’s “Buy NAK Sell DOOF”. Thanks to everyone who supplied me with naks (I had so many i didnt even have to record myself), and especially those who went above and beyond, namely underscore’s UN Owen Was Her? naks and JohnJRenns’ nak soundfont. Naknaknaknak!

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