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Secretz Barz

track cover

By SplitSuns splitsuns SoundCloud.
Cover art by SplitSuns splitsuns SoundCloud.
Released 7/2/2017.
Duration: 3:09.

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Artist commentary:

SplitSuns: (Composer)

Back in April, Gorillaz were getting ready to release their new album Humanz. With some coaxing from CaNMT members, I decided to create a mashup for the YouTube channel that would combine the Gorillaz track "Saturnz Barz" with the various trailer music we've heard so far in Hiveswap. Part of the song was set to go with a Hiveswap trailer as a SiivaGunner-esque bait and switch, and the whole song would be uploaded as a Gorillaz rip. While initially successful, the latter rip was actually striked off of the channel, and the former video was privated to avoid another strike. I later released in on my SoundCloud and am now releasing it on 9 so that you all can hear it once more! As for the song itself, I stuck true to Saturnz Barz' original structure and made sure the Hiveswap music went well with the stops and skips in the song. I also snuck some other Homestuck music in there to make the rip more dynamic. Enjoy!

SplitSuns: (Artist)

When Secretz Barz was originally uploaded onto the YouTube channel, it didn't have any special track art. For its release on my SoundCloud, I decided to give it some! I decided to go with a straight parody of the Humanz cover, replacing the members of Gorillaz with various characters from Hiveswap. I stuck with 3D models only to mirror the detailed 3D avatars of the Gorillaz' members on the Humanz cover, and I also tried to arrange the characters in ways that were reminiscent of the poses on the original cover. The end result is something I'm quite proud of. Also, just so we're clear, I made this more than a month before the existing cover to 9 was made, so any refrance is entirely coincidental.

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