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By StarlightCalliope.
Cover art by koykoy13.
Released 7/2/2017.
Duration: 4:35.

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Tracks that Downwards references:

Tracks that Downwards samples:

Tracks that reference Downwards:

From Fandom:

Tracks that sample Downwards:

From Fandom:


(Killing-killing Pikachu? Kill-kill-Pikachu?)

Artist commentary:

Makin: (Not Composer)

give me a sec while I pull the cool video up. If you're not watching the stream this will make no sense to you.

Makin: (Quantum Leaper)

if you're reading the wiki this will make sense to you. Also, this track references the unreleased track "warriorheart.mp3" by StarlightCalliope. All we know is it was a Fighting Spirit remix.

koykoy13: (Artist)

Star wanted me to make it as awful as I possibly can but then I made it a bit better than that featuring Dabe as a staircase

StarlightCalliope: (Composer)

Dear god, where do I even start talking about this song? As I’m pretty darn sure you can tell based on both the title, theme, and general feel of the song, this song is intended to be a, “Descend-like,” medley for Cool and New Webcomic. It’s taken a long time to finish working on, (300 hours and work on it since January!!), but I am honestly really proud of how this song turned out. In the song, I referenced... about 44 different songs? Primarily songs released by this very Cool and New Music Team, with a decent bit of songs coming from the Homestuck Music Team, and one reference to a song from the, “Weird Puzzle Tunes,” album.

I think one of my favourite things about this, at least in terms of composing, was setting up specific musical ideas/motifs (and that’s the regular use of the term motif, not leitmotif/reference you fricks) and capitalizing on those ideas/motifs throughout the song. One of the most key ideas to the song as a whole, that’s rather integral to it feeling as fast as it does in certain sections, is the use of 32nd notes during portions using Synths. This is first set up during the Moshi Moshi section, and I used this repeatedly in the song both as a way to build tension and keep the listener engaged, and to add an extra bit of cohesivness to the piece as a whole. Repeating references/ideas is another method I used. Such as ending the song the same way it started, with this weird synthy thing from Final Fantasy 6 that has a bunch of delay on it playing a chord. I started the song using an E Minor chord using that thing, and ended the song on a big resolution using an E Major chord. Another example of this was through starting the song off using the same clocks that were used in Cascante, and ending the song with those same clocks. (Albiet, it’s the end of the main part of the song, before the Penumbra-esque bit on the piano with the Horrorterror noises.)

Honestly, this track is by and far the song that I’ve put the most effort into out of everything that I’ve tried to make thus far, and I really am proud of it. Although, I do feel like the mixing is a tad lacklustre and there’s literally no mastering. I suppose this shows that I probably should try to improve in terms of Production, though according to a decent portion of the team I am fairly good at Composition, as based on this piece. Really, I am happy with it, and I’m glad to have finally made a song for a main album, as this is my first time doing so. I really hope you folks enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed composing it! :)

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