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By Rom M ( External ( , Bandcamp , SoundCloud , SoundCloud ).
Cover art by Ephemerald ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 7/2/2017.
Duration: 2:19.

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Tracks that Stabby references:

Tracks that Stabby samples:

Artist commentary:

Rom M: (Composer)

fucc boi, So I asked Sean Evans if I could use some samples from his tracks, so that happend.

Ephemerald: (Artist)

The track art is basically a blatant reference to Backbone's track art, in which Papyrus (brother of Sans Undertale) is wearing Sans' jacket and has a crazed expression, presumably because something something bad times. I decided to allude to this by drawing Jack Noir wearing the outfit of Spades Slick (or, Sleck, I guess), with basically the same pose and expression. Since the original image was meant to convey an Undertale battle screen (which is in deliberate black-and-white) I started with a white outline on a black background, only adding sparing splashes of color, then going with grey shading. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. (And what are you talking about, the minimalistic approach definitely isn't because I was pressed for time. It was purely a stylistic choice.) To those who are wondering why Jack has a sword instead of a knife, it looks cooler.

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