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Flare (Cascade)

By Clark Powell clarkpowell Bandcamp plazmataz SoundCloud barkbarkclark Twitter.
Duration: 3:26.

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Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

I have recut and remastered my track Flare, as it was presented to you in the Cascade flash (rather than the calmed-down album version). I get asked a lot for this, so I decided to give it some extra love and attention.

I have attempted a number of times to put together a mix of Flare that utilized the distinctive crescendo that is recognizable from Cascade, but it never seems to work well without the cinematic context. The buildup sort of leads to nothing, and then the track either ends awkwardly or fades out, and I have something personal against fade-outs. Maybe I'll talk about that someday. But not now.

I gave it another go, this time trying a decrescendo to bring the song back down from all the energy it riles up, then ending it on kind of a creepy note. I had more success here than I ever have in past attempts to cut the song together in this way.

Flare was a pretty big hit in its own right, so there's always the pressure coming from the responsibility to handle this properly. I hope you enjoy it!

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