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[S] Dirk: Unite Synchronization (WITH LYRICS)

By toucanSandwiches toucansandwiches Tumblr YouTube YouTube.
Duration: 2:55.

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Yo, I was out for a while
Cuz the red miles, Squarewave, get inside my sylladex
Gotta fix shit now with a freestyle
My team's a mess and it's all up to reflex

Shit's kinda typical but this'll be mighty difficult cuz additional syllables
Got a long road to hoe so let's go now acrobatic fucking pirouette

C'mon I gotta go faster
Yo, I'm a blur, colored alabaster
Got that Crockercorp sendificator
Absurd, I'm like my own flight simulator
Zoom, speedyquick like my diction
Do flips and shit, I'm twistin'
Don't even care who's list'nin'
Brace for impact I'm liftin'—
Off, and I'm not even sweaty
Though if I were, what I'd need'd be a towel
Hey, yo, Sawtooth are you ready?
Here comes a cruxite dowel (Nice catch!)

Did I mention that I did this 'cause I gotta build speed, I'm relentless
Gotta penchant, gotta mighty need like an engine, end of sentence; cool re-entrance

(Fuck, yes.)
(Hell, fucking, yes.)

Damn, a dead Roxy sans grave
Yo Squarewave, take care of this place
Now I know it's odd, but I gotta snog
So go ahead and say it (Yeah dogg!)
Dude, that's hella gay
But hey I can't complain cuz the rogue is awake
That's one down, two to go, or one
If Roxy finds a way to partake
(She won't. She's straight.)

Fuck it, gotta move, Squarewave, see ya later
Runnin' out of time, livin' on a prayer, got my
Bucket and my Crockercorp sendificator
Now as they say it's all gone pear shaped
There's no other way
So decapatation is my escape
Goodbye Squarewave, ja mata ne (see you later)

Yo, I'm back, did I miss shit?
No I didn't, this attempt is kinda pathetic
Doof, bitch, out the way
Daddy Dirk is taking care of liplocking with Jane
Looks like everything is okay
One step left and we're headed to Jake
Ya better hold on, because this thing is so fast
Holy shit I'm cool

(Did I tell you how cool I am? Cuz I am so fucking awesome.)
(It's time for [Unintelligible])
Grab on to my fucking skateboard, I'm so
Cool, I saved the day, you're welcome watch this
Cool shit that I set up earlier it's no
Big deal, wait I lied it's actually the coolest thing ever!

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