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By SerialSymphony serialsymphony SoundCloud serialsymphony Bandcamp.
Duration: 4:23.

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Tracks that DAVE STRIDER'S COOL MIXTAPE references:

Tracks that DAVE STRIDER'S COOL MIXTAPE samples:

Tracks that reference DAVE STRIDER'S COOL MIXTAPE:

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Circlejourney: (wrote The Light's Rebellion)

so I just had a memory hit me out of nowhere - me and serialsymphony discussed quoting each other's tracks reciprocally back when Dave Strider's Cool Mixtape was meant to be on Cosmic Caretakers. i.e. this track does reference The Light's Rebellion at 2:56

we both made the front half of our tracks, and then traded motifs in the back half, so it really is a reciprocal reference

sorry for your ears @ anyone who listens through this to confirm its existence

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