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Daywalker ~Rise~

By Catboss (Bandcamp, SoundCloud).
Duration: 5:17.

Listen on SoundCloud.

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Artist commentary:



The last of my three entries to the Homestuck Music Contest, the other two being Guns Blazing and Vodka Mutiny.

A song for Kanaya, this song is - in my opinion - the weakest contender of the lot. Daywalker nonetheless marks my first attempt at using real audio in a song - I recorded the flute performance myself. Unfortunately, my playing, recording, and production are definitely not up to snuff, honestly. Given that it was recorded with a terrible laptop mic, with a player who hadn't played in a long while (me), I suppose that was honestly no surprise.

However, I love both the harp and flute melodies in this song. It was a blast to play, and I'd definitely think about using them again at some point in the future.

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