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i need an abumbalnce!!.mp3

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By Discfortune ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter ).
Cover art by bobthetacocat ( Twitter ).
Released 8/20/2016.
Duration: 2:16.

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(Oh my God, I hate Garageband so much.) (i came as fast as i could)

Artist commentary:


I've been meaning to get at something deeper with my music. After much deliberation, I decided to funnel all of my efforts into i need an ambulance!!.mp3 in order to express a statement that I think resonates with all of us—Mortality. I think it's important to recognize that our time here on Earth is very limited and that it can be ripped from us in an instant. As you can see from the eight measure of the song, which clearly references René Magritte's "The Human Condition", I've chosen to greatly emphasize the notion of joy as well. Another thing to keep in mind is the odor of the piece: An earthy aroma paired with a metallic ring. This is very much intentional, as it links the two themes I have mentioned in a sort of harmonic matrimony rarely seen in daily life.

Let's discuss the process of creating this work. Crucial to the progression of the song was deciding how to link the sections before and after the bridge portion (which served as a cheeky allusion to the 50 Shades series). I had tried out several options including a reverse phonograph output drive and a theremin turned upside-down before settling on a much more humble choice. You can hear the results for yourself. However, perhaps the greatest hurdle to overcome was deciding on what colors to use for the instrument tracks. To this day I am uncertain if I have chosen correctly.

The few instances where the listener may catch glimpses of the track titled Doctor were added in the interests of "spicing up" the tracklist. this is a running theme throughout the album.

This piece was recorded with a live orchestra. You can reach them here:

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