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Meme Voyage

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By BitesizeBird.
Cover art by koykoy13.
Released 7/20/2017.
Duration: 5:05.

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Tracks that Meme Voyage references:


(Kevin: The concept of memes
was first proposed by Richard Dawkins
in a book called The Selfish Gene

Blade Wolf: I am a slave to my memes

Raiden: You're right
About me I mean
I knew something was off

Raiden: I thought I could walk off the MEMES
into a normal life
but here I am
surrounded by MEMES
arguing philosophy with the US

Blade wolf: Memes I encountered in the web
had their effects as well
as my mind grew, the weaker memes were sifted out, and the stronger ones endured
the resulting collection of memes
is what you would call
my intelligence

Kevin: If that meme isn't the cultural norm
then what are you working for?

Kevin: Genes, genes, genes, genes, genes and memes

Kevin: Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes
Genes, memes, memes
[repeats throughout the rest of the track]

Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Raiden: Same as any of us
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Raiden: Memes feel good
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Raiden: They helped me forget
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
When I was deep in the MEMES
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Kevin: Memes can also transmit
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Kevin: From fashion
Blade Wolf: Slave to my memes
Kevin: To core progressions in music

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Magnetic force!
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Nature's force!

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Too fast for that
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Now there's a pretty meme

Raiden: Envy, greed
Raiden: How about full of shit?
Raiden: Despair, memes
Raiden: Is that a meme?

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: That's game over
Raiden: Despair, memes

Raiden: Envy, greed
Raiden: You buy a shirt you like
Raiden: Despair, memes
Raiden: And put it on

Raiden: Envy, greed
Raiden: People see you wearing it
Raiden: Despair, memes
Raiden: Then buy it for themselves

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Red phosphorus!
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Infra-red is useless!

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: All memes
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: All passed along

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Does it hurt?
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: The DNA of the soul

Raiden: Envy, greed
Monsoon: Free will is a myth
Raiden: Despair, memes
Monsoon: Religion is a joke

Kevin: He went on to define memes as a different type of a self-replicating unit
Even political expression, and just like normal genes, they replicate, they grow

Kevin: But the way Dawkins put it? Memes can transmit worthless things
Even the bad parts of a culture
Fashion's one thing, but value-related memes can put huge restraints on people's lives
For example, the idea that having lots of money is the ultimate goal, the thing we should all strive for
You catch this money-worship meme, then not are you trying to get rich
You're also spreading that idea to other people
You have to
And the really contagious memes can be even worse
For example: revenge
A guy sees his countrymen killed by terrorism, so he becomes a terrorist and retaliates
It's an infinite loop

Raiden: There's gotta be a way to break the cycle though

Kevin: Dawkins wrote about that too, how we can rebel against our GENES and MEMES
Once you're aware of your own memes, you can train yourself to identify and replicate the "good" ones...

Raiden: And kill the bad ones

Kevin: Right

Senator Armstrong: If you're not with America
You're against her
Feel the wrath of the U S A!

Senator Armstrong: Justice in the hands of the people
Might makes right!

Senator Armstrong: You know what? Fuck this

Raiden: Your memes... end here!)

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