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Greatest Hits 2

album cover

Cover art by Sozzay sozzay Tumblr.
Wallpaper art by Sozzay sozzay Tumblr and Makin (edits for wiki).
Released 7/20/2017.
Duration: ~3:58:36.

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  1. (6:13) Revisit/Rewind by ostrichlittledungeon
  2. (4:35) Downwards by StarlightCalliope
  3. (4:05) Jungle #3 by cookiefonster
  4. (2:12) le canrival by Noisemaker
  5. (3:27) Thyme on My Fries by SplitSuns
  6. (2:49) Midnight by TirantBacon
  7. (3:07) Ringleader by Discfortune
  8. (0:53) Conflict (Guitarkind) by Tensei
  9. (5:05) Meme Voyage by BitesizeBird
  10. (2:51) {s] coaster: Rise and fall by Ragzilla
  11. (1:32) Light at the End of the Tunnel by Discfortune
  12. (2:09) Creatrix by Cerulean
  13. (1:53) dabestep ULTRAMEGAMIX w aditionel drumbs by TirantBacon and Kusoro
  14. (4:24) Vegetal Colina by Noisemaker
  15. (1:28) (intractive?) Character Selection Screen by William Leonard
  16. (2:49) It's Bb Major Not A# Major (Because The Song Is In D Minor) by Pipko Fanfare
  17. (4:15) I Miss You by Kusoro
  18. (3:17) hors by Hadron
  19. (2:13) BLΛNK JIMMEE by SplitSuns
  20. (2:50) Horizontal Headshot by ostrichlittledungeon
  21. (2:13) Dialup by Gordian
  22. (5:34) Enter with Caliborn: Destruction Adventure by Interrobang
  23. (4:33) "Libera me" From Bowman by BitesizeBird
  24. (3:48) A Basketball Calamity by ft-rj
  25. (3:55) Stab - Stab - Stab by Interrobang
  26. (4:48) Resend by Noisemaker
  27. (0:33) Big Bad Beta Kids by Scarodactyl
  28. (2:52) FairyDust (Vrasky's Theme) by TirantBacon
  29. (3:08) Amidst This Mess by Wheals
  30. (1:21) Nightmare Yard by Mathias Ramalho
  31. (2:33) Echo Chamber by SplitSuns
  32. (2:19) Starsetter by WarxTron
  33. (2:59) Endure by Pipko Fanfare
  34. (1:39) 1x SHOWDOWN COMBO by Discfortune
  35. (2:53) Bowman-o-Matic by Noisemaker
  36. (2:22) Nakkin' Ned's Nice Naks by Interrobang
  37. (4:19) Fighting Spirit ~Double Ascended Form~ by cookiefonster
  38. (3:58) Nobody kn"o"ws by Ragzilla
  39. (3:43) Aura of Colour by olegoleg123
  40. (2:11) Moshi Finds a(n) NES by cookiefonster
  41. (5:44) Two master classes, a knife enthusiast, and a green dude walk into a bar. by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  42. (0:45) Rolla Coasta Tycoon by Pipko Fanfare
  43. (1:31) 1 Through 15 by BitesizeBird
  44. (4:11) How Jack And Calliope Ran Away From An Imaginary Planet Together While Arguing About Whether It Really Did Exist Or Not by Kal-la-kal-la
  45. (4:29) Of Bork and Yifs by Nicholas Nakano
  46. (5:36) 72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO by Discfortune
  47. (2:18) feeling cool and new by koba
  48. (1:14) Excess Express by Noisemaker
  49. (2:09) Despoiled Dunes by Wights End
  50. (4:02) Welcome to Flavortown (Battle Against a Bodacious Foe) by Wheals
  51. (4:40) o's sekret spageti by TirantBacon and Grace Medley
  52. (5:10) licord eternity by Cecily Renns
  53. (1:59) i absolutely loathe this drummer by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  54. (3:14) Sunrise by Kusoro
  55. (3:38) Bad Credit by Makin and Tensei
  56. (2:16) [s) rose / jef: strife! by cookiefonster
  57. (2:59) The Souns of Justis by Nicholas Nakano
  58. (2:34) Savior of a Lot of Money by SplitSuns
  59. (1:35) Through Corruption by Kusoro
  60. (1:58) Hurt My Finger by Gordian
  61. (1:45) Scratching Consequences by TirantBacon
  62. (3:41) Andrew Hussie's Wild Ride by Pipko Fanfare
  63. (5:31) She's a D8ddy Lon8 L8gs by Mathias Ramalho
  64. (1:47) Rozepiano by nights
  65. (2:18) Spacetime Starstriker by Discfortune
  66. (4:05) Collision Course (Davepeta's Movement) by SplitSuns
  67. (5:34) you have got to be SHITTONG me (temp title) by Noisemaker
  68. (12:45) MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING ~~LAST STOP~~ by cookiefonster, Wheals, Difarem, and Cecily Renns
  69. (1:46) Rose: Escape by meems
  70. (9:03) 7 GRAND END by Discfortune, koba, SplitSuns, Minish, TirantBacon, StarlightCalliope, Wheals, WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES, MoreEpicThanYou747, Isoleucine, ostrichlittledungeon, Noisemaker, Rom M, Cecily Renns, cookiefonster, Pipko Fanfare, Hadron, ft-rj, and Interrobang
  71. (4:31) Savior of the Screaming Dead by Griever

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

Here's to over a year of cool and new albums. Thanks for sticking with us!

Songs with additions and/or revisions include:



Meme Voyage

Vegetal Colina

Horizontal Headshot

Enter with Caliborn: Destruction Adventure

"Libera me" From Bowman

Fighting Spirit ~Double Ascended Form~

1 Through 15


Welcome to Flavortown (Battle Against a Bodacious Foe)

you have got to be SHITTONG me (temp title)

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