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Relatively Visible Darkness

By James Roach (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter) and Toby Fox (Bandcamp, Twitter).
Released 9/14/2017.
Duration: 2:02.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Relatively Visible Darkness references:

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Artist commentary:

James Roach:

Overall it felt like the mansion wasn’t dorky enough so I wrote this even MORE toned down version of it for when the lights go out. Stripping down Toby’s song in this way makes it sound kinda like Luigi’s Mansion, which rules so it all worked out. This was originally going to be the theme for just downstairs. In the time since then, though we decided to have music changes based more on “narrative” and less on just “location.” You don’t spend that much time upstairs so it would seem kinda silly to have the “MAIN THEME” of the mansion be heard for the two minutes you’re in the hallway. You will see more of these dynamic music changes in ACT 2.

Toby Fox:

It sounds kind of like Yoshi’s Story to me. This turned out to be a really tuba-heavy soundtrack somehow. Maybe that’s a good thing though.

James Roach:

We just kept telling each other to add Tuba to things. Like some sort of Will They/Won’t They Tuba standoff.

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