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We Shall Go Together

By James Roach (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter) and Toby Fox (Bandcamp, Twitter).
Released 9/14/2017.
Duration: 3:18.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that We Shall Go Together references:

Flashes & games that feature We Shall Go Together:

Artist commentary:

James Roach:

OK I know what you’re thinking, “This gets its own track on the OST, but OLD SECRET isn’t even here??” Hey look I love old secret too but (COHEN: redacted). I only put it in that cutscene for you, the fans. Also it fit really well. Anyway, this track is inspired a lot by Quiet Water by Toby Fox maybe you’ve heard of him. It is just a very slowed down version of Joey’s theme.

Cohen Edenfield:

(if you want to know what the title of this song is from google it with quotes)

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