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By Lark Mordancy larkmordancy Bandcamp.
Released 7/14/2012.
Duration: 2:53.

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Tracks that Stalemate references:

Artist commentary:

Lunise: (Tumblr, artwork for Land of Fans and Music 2)

THIS TRACK ART CAUSED ME SO MUCH PAIN AND SUFFERING so I'm just calling it done because I like how it looks now. I drew this for Stalemate, which should be on the LOFAM2 album that will hopefully come out by Christmas this year!

This track art is making me cry over how a lot of my favorite characters are Dersites and how hard they are to color well in a painterly style, just so you know. The crack in the Furthest Ring was a whole lot of fun, though! I can't exactly make this animated since it's track art, so I decided to make a lot of little hue changes in the crack itself. I'm pretty satisfied with the effect I got by doing that!

#lune draws things once every blue moon #lune is still kind of sort of terrible-ish at commentary

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Although Stalemate didn't end up on Land of Fans and Music 2 in the end (Sburban Genesis by the same artist did, instead), this artwork ended up getting used about a year later for Dogfight (Dirtiest's Dubstep Remix) on Land of Fans and Music 3!

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