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Land of Fans and Music 3

album cover

album cover

Tags: LoFaM

Cover art by Quietserval ( Tumblr ).
Banner art by Lunise ( Tumblr ).
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: ~3:44:16.

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Disk 1 (~1:49:02):
  1. (0:24) ˚ Disk 1 ˚ by Veritas Unae
  2. (4:18) The Delicate Art of Temporal Manipulation by Eston Schweickart
  3. (4:21) Bite the Apple by Matt Lee
  4. (1:40) Planet Cracker by Colin Stanfill
  5. (5:32) I'm Not a Hero by Robyo
  6. (3:19) confinis by horizon
  7. (9:12) Emissary of Dance by Catboss
  8. (3:13) Dance of Viridian and Violet by Willow Ascenzo
  9. (1:09) Warweary Villein by Dakota Medina
  10. (2:50) Thermporia by Yan Rodriguez
  11. (3:18) 720413 by Lark Mordancy
  12. (3:52) March of the Aluminum Soldiers by Ian White
  13. (3:00) An Uncertain Venture by David Ellis
  14. (1:58) Hymn of the Horrorterrors by Tamara Fritz
  15. (2:31) Sgrubian Wilderness by Veritas Unae
  16. (3:07) Medium by Arzenic
  17. (3:15) Fracta Sub Luna by Thomas Ferkol
  18. (5:19) Fool [Explicit] by PhemieC
  19. (2:48) You're the Hero (It's You) by David Dycus
  20. (3:08) Oh Hi There, Lil Cal by Catboss
  21. (3:00) Courtroom Shuffle by Nitrosparxx
  22. (3:07) Waveform by keyboard cait
  23. (5:06) Maidswap by Ashley Jones
  24. (2:27) Sleepy Eyes of Derse by Colin Stanfill
  25. (3:05) Sign of the Scorpion by Willow Ascenzo
  26. (2:00) Aqueous Armagourddon by Brad Griffin
  27. (3:05) Fortune Healer by Joe Ouellet
  28. (1:24) Bathearst's Theme by Eston Schweickart
  29. (9:56) The Metamorphosis of Rose Lalonde by Thomas Ferkol
  30. (3:34) Theme of the Slam Jam by Catboss
  31. (4:04) JOHN DO THE WINDY THING by Robert J! Lake
Disk 2 (~1:55:14):
  1. (0:11) ˚ Disk 2 ˚ by Veritas Unae
  2. (8:15) Garden of Eden (Part 1) by Veritas Unae and David Ellis
  3. (10:39) Garden of Eden (Part 2) by Veritas Unae and David Ellis
  4. (3:39) Electric Fireflies by Thomas Ibarra
  5. (1:34) The Blast by Dakota Medina
  6. (2:32) Dominion by Thomas Ferkol
  7. (2:11) Run-Stab-Run by Yan Rodriguez
  8. (2:46) Tombs & Krypton by Rob Little
  9. (5:52) Contention by Marcy Nabors
  10. (1:16) Slick Snow by Eston Schweickart
  11. (1:25) Sord..... by Team Dogfight
  12. (3:49) The Demon and the Alien by Veritas Unae and David Ellis
  13. (3:22) Party of Three by Cullen Lawson and Joe Ouellet
  14. (3:15) Invertebrate by Astro Kid
  15. (3:16) timaeusAmplified by Shandy
  16. (2:06) Scabbard by Yan Rodriguez
  17. (2:13) Sketches in Black by Kevin Grant
  18. (3:14) Together (At Last) by Joe Ouellet
  19. (4:14) INFIDELS! by David Ellis
  20. (2:42) Forest Fire by Brad Griffin
  21. (4:02) RetroBution (ohgodwhy Remix) by Astro Kid
  22. (4:25) Insomniac by Princey The Kid
  23. (4:13) Hope Remains by Fuzz
  24. (2:01) Maid in Spades by Max Wright
  25. (3:42) Gears and Chandeliers by Joe Ouellet
  26. (4:25) Cold Steel by Block Monster, Nick Smalley, and Solatrus
  27. (4:13) Pirates of Alternia: Dead Troll's Chest by Willow Ascenzo
  28. (4:08) Sunsoaked Heavenscape by Ashley Jones
  29. (2:37) Explore [Keygen Mix] by keyboard cait
  30. (3:20) Ohgodboss by Kevin Grant
  31. (3:59) Dogfight (Dirtiest's Dubstep Remix) by David Dycus
  32. (5:38) Starblaze by Astro Kid

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Album Booklet
Garden of Eden Full Version & Sheet Music (DLC)
Disc 2 Cover Wallpaper (DLC)
Bandcamp Banner

Artist commentary:

Veritas Unae:

In 2011, some musicians got together. They had an idea, to grab together some of the many pieces of fan music floating around the MSPA forums and the internet, and compile it into an album for the fandom to download. I can remember excitedly heading to my second semester classes at university listening to the tunes that these fantastic artists had provided, and the track art to go with each song. I'm so glad to have worked with most if not all of these musicians along the course of the past 3 years.

I got my own chacne to participate in these endeavours in 2012, with the fan musicians coming together to work on Sburb OST and LoFaM 2. And now we're here, in 2013, releasing LoFaM 3 for you all. I hope you love each and every track on this album, much like I remember loving LoFaM in 2011. Many thanks have to be extended to everyone who brings these projects together, most of all Lune, who has handled everything art for the project! I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks to Brad for making the booklet, AndrewNeo for hosting all this fan music for us, Xzaz for being incredible at picking tracks and references, as well as the brave sacrifices he has made for the album, and to Solatrus, Konec0 and Mark for helping along the way.

Thanks for listening!

- Veritas Unae


So this sure is a thing! I did art for LOFAM2 and retconned in a nice banner for the rehosted LOFAM1, so naturally I sold my soul to the LOFAM once more to draw things and wrangle some artists for the third album! I consider this project a tribute to the creative side of the Homestuck fandom. You guys rock! I hope yoiu enjoy this album and take a look at all the cool art for it.

- your friendly neighborhood Lune

Special Thanks:

Lune (Artist Wrangler)
Veritas Unae (Musician Wrangler)

Brad "Avinoch" Griffin <- thanking myself
Catboss (Catboss)
Mark Ciocca
Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
Lambda "Xzaz" Blesdoe
...and everybody who nominated songs!

Veritas Unae

Brad "Avinoch" Griffin <- twice

Veritas Unae

AndrewNeo and

Andrew Hussie & What Pumpkin Studios
The Homestuck Music Team
The Homestuck Fan Musicians

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