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Land of Fans and Music 2

album cover

Cover art by Lunise lunedraws Tumblr.
Wallpaper art by Lunise lunedraws Tumblr and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Banner art by Lunise lunedraws Tumblr.
Released 12/25/2012.
Duration: ~4:09:38.

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Disk 1: (~2:06:57)
  1. (0:31) •~DISK 1~• by Veritas Unae
  2. (7:44) Chronology by Jamie Paige
  3. (3:57) Jackpot by Charles Neudorf and Marcy Nabors
  4. (3:27) Satellite Physician by Joe Ouellet
  5. (3:02) A Study In Skaia by David Ellis
  6. (3:40) Cuddlefish by Thomas Ferkol
  7. (2:52) Rectify by Thomas Ibarra
  8. (2:12) Rabbunctious! by Brad Griffin
  9. (4:17) Skaian Starstorm by Riki Tsuji
  10. (4:26) Good Dog (Best Friend) by Catboss
  11. (4:11) Unforgiving Terrain by Eston Schweickart
  12. (4:15) CR1M1N4L, CR1M1N4L by Rachel Rose Mitchell
  13. (1:08) Squiddles In Sunglasses by Eston Schweickart
  14. (4:23) JackBot by Riki Tsuji
  15. (2:20) Crystalguitarthemums by Erik Scheele
  16. (5:17) The Ballad of Maplehoof by Ian White
  17. (4:20) Rainbow Rebirth by David Ellis
  18. (4:54) Psychedelic Psychodelic by Catboss
  19. (3:02) Flare (With Vocals) by horizon
  20. (1:34) Sports by Jamie Paige
  21. (2:41) Dirgeish by Nick Smalley and Andrew Huo
  22. (3:10) Electrocumulus by Joe Ouellet
  23. (4:00) Three in the Morning (Kali's 2 in the AM PM Edit) by Kalibration
  24. (4:57) Showtime (End Strife Remix) by Plumegeist
  25. (3:42) Soulb0t by Charles Neudorf
  26. (4:04) Fighting Spirit by Kevin Grant
  27. (2:21) Irradiated by Thomas Ibarra
  28. (4:11) He Is Already Here by Brenden Cameron
  29. (3:01) Rise of the Denizens by Domble
  30. (4:00) Sburban Genesis by Lark Mordancy
  31. (7:21) Who Mourns for Jack Noir? by Nitrosparxx
  32. (3:01) The Seer and the Tribesmen by Thomas Ferkol
  33. (4:11) Four by Trent West
  34. (4:45) Prospitian Lullaby by Jamie Paige
Disk 2: (~2:02:41)
  1. (0:20) •~Disk 2~• by Veritas Unae
  2. (3:37) Brofessor Layton (Every Puzzle Has A Brolution) by Ian White
  3. (4:17) ElecTrollCopSwing by Riki Tsuji
  4. (11:12) Dance-Stab-Dance by Catboss
  5. (1:25) Trapped by Yan Rodriguez
  6. (3:09) Till The Last Breath by Brenden Cameron
  7. (1:38) The Note Desolation Plays by Max Wright
  8. (2:06) I'm The Doctor by Veritas Unae
  9. (3:27) Wind In My Heir by Joe Ouellet
  10. (4:22) Fighting Spirit ~Second Form~ by Kevin Grant
  11. (4:14) Corkscrew Sundown by Trent West
  12. (3:19) Doghead by Willow Ascenzo and D. Crystal
  13. (2:14) Jane's Theme by David Dycus
  14. (5:15) The Four Thrones by Samm Neiland
  15. (3:59) Jade Aubade by Trent West
  16. (4:29) Blood Knight by Rachel Rose Mitchell
  17. (4:44) In The Shadow of a Fractured Sun by Artisticpolo
  18. (2:25) Red Miles by David Dycus
  19. (1:48) Elegy for a Thief (Dreamscape Remix) by Willow Ascenzo
  20. (3:54) We Won't Wander Alone by Land of Ships and Music
  21. (3:22) Embittered Shore by Max Wright
  22. (2:46) Ye Flarey Gentlemen by Clark Powell
  23. (4:13) Finale Strife by Willow Ascenzo
  24. (2:59) Gangsta by The Basco Brothers and Dante Basco
  25. (2:45) Joy And Dreams Eternal by Malcolm Brown
  26. (3:21) Guns Blazing by Catboss
  27. (2:51) Showtime (Svix Mix) by Svix
  28. (3:19) Ugly Story by PhemieC
  29. (2:47) Dark Funk by Kevin Grant
  30. (2:26) A Stitch In Time by Joe Ouellet
  31. (3:48) Ave Dei Novi by Willow Ascenzo
  32. (3:08) Nevermore (Can't Sleep, Crows Will Find Me) by Thomas Ferkol
  33. (2:26) Prophecy by David Dycus
  34. (3:10) The Dance of Oblivion by Domble
  35. (4:13) Alphamatic Replacement by Xauric
  36. (3:13) Planetarium by Rachel Rose Mitchell

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Artist commentary:

LizaWithAZed: (booklet commentary)

This album means a lot to me, for a lot of reasons. Not just because it represents literally months of planning, organization, rounds of messaging, upsets, drama, triumph and general hard work on the part of me and some very good friends of mine. Not just because we managed to get some of the top talent in the fandom to contribute not only music but track art. Not just because that talent includes music and art team members and the uniquely universally beloved superfan Dante Basco. Not just because that talent also includes many friends I love dearly, some of whom I got to know through this project.

No, this album is special to me because the original Land of Fans and Music holds a very dear place in my heart. It was the first album of Homestuck-related music I ever owned. I played it over and over, and read the album commentary until I damn near had it memorized. It was LoFaM which spurred me to stop lurking on the MSPA forums and dive headlong into the collective insanity we call Homestuck fandom. And right when I did so coincided with the start of the second fanmusic thread, and a guy named Underwater Basketweaving posting something he called Fighting Spirit. I downloaded it, loved it, and have been hip deep in collecting fanmusic - not just that already collected for my convenience in an album - ever since.

Fighting Spirit is in here, and its sequel, and many others I and my compatriots ran across in our scouring of not only the fanmusic thread but tindeck, soundcloud, tumblr and basically anywhere on the big wide internet where MSPA fans celebrate their love of this remarkable work of fiction through music.

It's my hope that, having gathered it all here for your convenience, you too are spurred to start your own search for the best, including many pieces that for one reason or another we had to leave off. The Land of Fans and Music is not just this 2-disc set or its predecessor; they're only the tip of the vast landscape of amazing talent. Come in. Explore. Get lost in it, like I did. I haven't regretted it for a second.

-Liza(WithAZed) Fletcher

Unofficial MSPA Fans: (booklet commentary, back)

Special Thanks:

Lambda Elise Merryberry

Veritas Unae
Rachel Rose Mitchell
Jamie 'hrmnzr" Paige
Riki Tsuji
Sarah (clumsyroyalty)
Charles "Crazy-8" Neudorf
Mai Yishan (Cat Boss)
Brad "Avinoch" Griffin
Mark "Dagoth Xil" Ciocca

Brad "Avinoch" Griffin
Veritas Unae

Brad "Avinoch" Griffin

Veritas Unae

AndrewNeo and

Andrew Hussie & What Pumpkin Studios
The Homestuck Music Team

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