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Sburban Genesis

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By Lark Mordancy larkmordancy Bandcamp.
Cover art by plaidcushion plaidart Tumblr.
Released 12/25/2012.
Duration: 4:00.

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Artist commentary:

Lark Mordancy: (composer, booklet commentary)

Though Sburban Jungle was the first song to hook me on Michael Guy Bowman's music, my heart lies with Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido. Dawn of Man is a favorite of mine from that album, and it also happens to be a partial remix of Sburban Jungle. In the Homestuck tradition, the natural thing to do then was mix them together, along with a cameo from Exodus, featured in SBURB. The instruments are based primarily on Dawn of Man, bringing in some of Sburban Jungle's mallet percussion and a few of my own additions. The result is Sburban Genesis, a song ultimately inspired by the mysterious origins of the game and its multi-universal legacy.

plaidcushion: (track artist, booklet commentary)

This really sounded like a night time kind of song to me, which I think went nicely with the baby frog Jade finds on her island as a kid. He's a pretty cute little guy, but his role carries a lot of weight, so I think he fits the song pretty well.

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