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Cool and New Homestuck 2

album cover

Cover art by trip tripheus Tumblr (Art) and Makin (text).
Wallpaper art by Hadron hadronus SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hadronus Tumblr Hadronus Twitter Other.
Released 11/26/2016.
Duration: ~1:37:06.

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Disk 2 Act 1: (~7:36)
  1. (0:12) 『ROLLER COASTER』 ~~BEGIN DISC 2~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (3:31) cool and new Anthem by Cecily Renns
  3. (0:25) mmmmmmmmidwife by flagellumVagueness
  4. (3:28) Intentional Pokemon by koba
Disk 2 Act 2: (~9:00)
  1. (0:17) 『THIRD JUNGLE』 ~~BEGIN DISC 2 ACT 2~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (2:33) Even in Kill by Cerulean
  3. (3:26) Thyme On My Fries by SplitSuns
  4. (2:44) Jungle #3 (CaNH Edit) by cookiefonster
Disk 2 Act 3: (~11:52)
  1. (0:17) 『BOSS BATTLE』 ~~BEGIN D2A3~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (0:22) Black (Full Version) by ft-rj
  3. (2:50) I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (Text to Speech (Canon Version (Canon Edit))) by Wheals
  4. (1:49) dick coordinat by ostrichlittledungeon
  5. (1:00) dikr; bring togehter by ostrichlittledungeon
  6. (5:34) Enter with Caliborn: Destruction Adventure by Interrobang
Disk 2 Act 4: (~4:26)
  1. (0:17) 『ALPHA OMEGA』 ~~BEGIN D2A4~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (4:09) Alphacoaster XP by cookiefonster
Disk 2 Act 5: (~7:01)
  1. (0:17) 『DOCTOR PHD』 ~~BEGIN D2A5~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (1:47) jake englii2h you are LIITERALLY lowwer than rat piiss iin my eyes, ii wwould use all my half-baked hope powwers to put a donut shaped hole iin your stomach but iits too much effort so iim just goiing to contiinuously giivve you the biird (kazoo version) by Griever and yazshu
  3. (3:17) hors by Hadron
  4. (1:40) gnarly piono solbo by cookiefonster
Disk 2 Act 6: (~18:17)
  1. (0:17) 『NUMBER ONE』 ~~BEGIN D2A6~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (1:32) Critical Error by Dream Narwhal
  3. (4:24) Vegetal Colina by Noisemaker
  4. (1:54) Tycoonkind by ostrichlittledungeon
  5. (2:59) Hell"o" Kermit by StarlightCalliope
  6. (2:47) monsoonto by Shwan
  7. (4:24) [S] Terezi: Rememe8er by ft-rj
Collide: (~17:39)
  1. (0:14) 『COOL AID』 ~~COLLIDE~~ by Cecily Renns
  2. (1:53) Creata (Cool and New Synth Mix) by cookiefonster
  3. (5:36) 72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO by Discfortune
  4. (3:35) Eternity Served Medium-Well, Avec Crème de Champignons (A.K.A. Eternity Served Spicy) by Noisemaker
  5. (6:02) Tycoon of Grief by Wights End
  6. (0:19) 『KING OF』 ~~END OF DISC 2~~ by Cecily Renns
Bonus Tracks: (~21:15)
  1. (4:05) Jungle #3 by cookiefonster
  2. (17:10) Coolaid by cookiefonster, Discfortune, Noisemaker, and Wights End

Added to wiki 9/16/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

(Cool and New Homestuck 2 — video playlist rescoring Homestuck flashes)

Cecily Renns: (Mastered the Album)

This album is extremely great, but why its really brought to perfection is that a whole THREE songs reference We are Number One from LazyTown.

This album is about Homestuck, i swear

trip: (Album Artist)

Since cool and new homestuck is blending hmestuck and canwc together, i thought id reflect that in the album art

cookiefonster: (Commentator)

Can you find the corrupted Jane i made months back in this picture? Once you find it the whole track art—no, the whole soundtrack—becomes infinitely better

Interrobang: (Commentator)

Let it be known that I made the majority of this booklet while watching hit film The Room

Cool and New Music Team:

(Cool and New Homestuck 2: Announcement)


(Community listening stream w/ chat)

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