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Tags: John, Aradia


By Aris Martinian (Bandcamp).
Cover art by nights (SoundCloud, Twitter, External (
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 6:13.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Revisit/Rewind references:

Artist commentary:

Aris Martiniain:

God, this was so much work. Oh yeah, and I lost the first half of the project file towards the end so I couldn't go back and edit it. Ugh. But all in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The original plan was to go through the CANMT discography and pick the most iconic songs over time. If you're unfamiliar with its discography, I highly recommend you at least go give it a glance. I roughly settled on using Cascante, Tick/Tock, Fruity Pebbles Redux, Gunshow, Rex Mille Geromius, Doctor and Penumbra Phantasm (cool and new vol V), Contra (from Cool and New Homestuck), Moshi Moshi, Final Confrontation, Unintentional Touhou, In the Beginning/Contact, Formation, Jungle #3, Muse of Nanchos, Flintstones, Gunshow 2, and of course, the RCT theme and Bowman's credit score. Shoutouts to difarem for making the "it's between my buttocks" vocaloid for me. Revisit/Rewind, which is based heavily on Ascend, was released as the Cool and New Homestuck song for [S] Credits.


This art was made in like five hours on Christmas 2016 when i yelled at nights to make some John/Aradia art for Revisit/Rewind (it being based off Ascend, with its iconic John/Aradia art). That's basically the plot of The Christmas Carol and by writing this seven months later I'm now the Ghost of Christmas Future. I'll let Past Nights (the Ghost of Christmas Past) fill you in on the rest:



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