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By Noisemaker (SoundCloud).
Cover art by yazshu.
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 4:48.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Resend references:

Artist commentary:


This track almost didn't see the light of day. I submitted it for the Cool and New Music Team's credits music contest, and ended up pulling an admirable 3rd place. At first, the track wasn't going to be used in the credits mix (partially due to recieving 3rd place, but also because it fell short of the 7 minute length requirement), but, after a miracle on-par with the birth of Christ took place, Resend was just barely able to squeeze in due to a mandatory meme credits addition.


originally this song was going to be replaced by ocean man, per my request. it wasn't. fuck you bambosh

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