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album cover

album cover

Tags: John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Skaia

By James Dever ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter ).
Cover art by Killian Ng ( External ( , Twitter , Tumblr ).
Released 7/13/2011.
Duration: ~28:03.

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  1. (1:43) The Prelude
  2. (2:26) Genesis
  3. (2:06) Eden
  4. (2:08) Exodus
  5. (2:56) Requiem
  6. (2:16) The Meek
  7. (1:42) Chronicles
  8. (1:52) Rapture
  9. (4:02) Creation
  10. (1:07) Revelations I
  11. (2:41) Revelations II
  12. (3:04) Revelations III

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Commentary PDF
Composer's sheet music, all-in-one
Bandcamp Banner (w/ The Wanderers)

Artist commentary:

James Dever:

(original commentary)

Sburb is my proudest accomplishment. It is the bastard child of my hopes and dreams and my most recent accomplishments and ordeals. I set out to write music to capture everything going on in my life as well as find out who I am and what I am as far as a composer. What ended up happening was the creation of twelve powerful pieces that are close and dear to me and are a road map of my trials. The album has a biblical theme with the titles as to fit with the concept of the story of Homestuck being that of creation. Sburb ends up being the catalyst for the existence of our universes and every other one. I hope you appreciate them! These are my comments about each piece as well as a few comments on how exactly I played some of the crazier parts.


In Loving Memory of Linda Wright

Without her words of encouragement and pushing me the whole way, I would not be half the man I am today. She was my savior during the worsttime of my life. She inspired me to finish this album, which I almost could not bring myself to do after her passing away. I miss you more than anything, grandma.

Thank you so much:

The Quintanas, the Diguiseppis, the Emmons', Mr. Saliman and Mr. Spare for helping me survive the last year.

The Diguiseppis for giving me a roof over my head.

Jess, Mr. Emmons and the Farrells for putting up with me and teaching me everything I know about music.

Aunt Tammy for always protecting me and supporting any decision I make.

My friends for pushing me to not give up what I love the most.

Andrew Hussie for this opportunity. For Homestuck.

Jeremy Iamurri for beating sense into me and being a great friend.

Erik Scheele for being absolutely amazing at what you do and performing this album.

RJ Lake for pushing me to be better.

The music team for pushing me, and being the biggest group of bros in existence.

You. For listening.

(commentary redux)

Originally written for Homestuck in 2011, Sburb is the first major composition I ever wrote. The pieces were written when I was seventeen, over my junior and senior years of high school and performed and recorded the following summer. The album released about a month before I set off to college and the whole experience was phenomenal.

While I have long lost track with MSPA, I still am good friends with my fellow musicians from the Homestuck Music team including Erik "Jit" Steele, who performed on these recordings.

Looking back on it now, I love how obvious my early inspirations are but I do love the work I was able to create during one of the most tumultuous times in my life. Thanks for listening.

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