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Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion

album cover

Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Homestuck.
Banner art by Homestuck.
Released 5/31/2011.
Duration: ~59:47.

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Main album: (~49:27)
  1. (3:18) Black Rose / Green Sun by Malcolm Brown
  2. (3:23) At The Price of Oblivion by Malcolm Brown
  3. (2:32) Even in Death by Clark Powell
  4. (1:39) Terezi Owns by Toby Fox
  5. (1:29) Trial and Execution by Malcolm Brown
  6. (2:15) The Carnival by Erik Scheele
  7. (2:44) Spider8reath by Tensei
  8. (2:38) Lifdoff by Malcolm Brown
  9. (3:57) Awakening by Erik Scheele
  10. (3:16) Havoc To Be Wrought by Thomas Ferkol
  11. (3:36) Play The Wind by Kalibration
  12. (2:42) Rumble at the Rink by Toby Fox
  13. (4:25) Let's All Rock the Heist by Robert J! Lake
  14. (3:36) WSW-Beatdown by Erik Scheele
  15. (2:58) Earthsea Borealis by Toby Fox
  16. (0:49) Warhammer of Zillyhoo by Michael Guy Bowman
  17. (4:10) Savior of the Dreaming Dead by Malcolm Brown
Bonus tracks: (~10:20)
  1. (3:01) Maplehoof's Adventure by Michael Guy Bowman
  2. (3:51) Sburban Reversal by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (3:28) White Host, Green Room by Tensei

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post, excerpt)

Two Albums

Homestuck Volume 7: At the Price of Oblivion, and... a solo album by Michael Guy Bowman called Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido

Volume 7 is pretty self explanatory. Contains many songs from the story, plus a bunch of other great new ones. I say this every time, but this is now the best HS volume. AND IT KEEPS BEING TRUE EVERY TIME I SAY IT.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Music by:
Malcolm Brown
Michael Guy Bowman
Clark 'Plazmataz' Powell
Robert Blaker
Toby 'Radiation' Fox
Alexander Rosetti
Erik 'Jit' Scheele
Joren 'Tensei' de Bruin
Thomas 'EidolonOrpheus' Ferkol
Robert J! Lake
Curt Blakeslee
George Buzinkai
Mark Hadley

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