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Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion

album cover

Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Homestuck.
Banner art by Homestuck.
Released 5/31/2011.
Duration: ~59:47.

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Main album (~49:27):
  1. (3:18) Black Rose / Green Sun by Malcolm Brown
  2. (3:23) At The Price of Oblivion by Malcolm Brown
  3. (2:32) Even in Death by Clark Powell
  4. (1:39) Terezi Owns by Toby Fox
  5. (1:29) Trial and Execution by Malcolm Brown
  6. (2:15) The Carnival by Erik Scheele
  7. (2:44) Spider8reath by Tensei
  8. (2:38) Lifdoff by Malcolm Brown
  9. (3:57) Awakening by Erik Scheele
  10. (3:16) Havoc To Be Wrought by Thomas Ferkol
  11. (3:36) Play The Wind by Kalibration
  12. (2:42) Rumble at the Rink by Toby Fox
  13. (4:25) Let's All Rock the Heist by Robert J! Lake
  14. (3:36) WSW-Beatdown by Erik Scheele
  15. (2:58) Earthsea Borealis by Toby Fox
  16. (0:49) Warhammer of Zillyhoo by Michael Guy Bowman
  17. (4:10) Savior of the Dreaming Dead by Malcolm Brown
Bonus tracks (~10:20):
  1. (3:01) Maplehoof's Adventure by Michael Guy Bowman
  2. (3:51) Sburban Reversal by Mark J. Hadley
  3. (3:28) White Host, Green Room by Tensei

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Album Credits
Bandcamp Banner and Background

Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie:

Volume 7 is pretty self explanatory. Contains many songs from the story, plus a bunch of other great new ones. I say this every time, but this is now the best HS volume. AND IT KEEPS BEING TRUE EVERY TIME I SAY IT.

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