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Appears in 34 cover arts.

InterNep (Illust. Gryotharian)
8OSS!!!!!!!! (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
EVERYONE DO A BIG SMILE RIGHT NOW (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
LAYERS (coasters upon coasters) (Illust. ackro, Shadok, ft-rj, Nicholas Nakano, Scarodactyl, koykoy13, Cloudaria, Makin, Fruzmig, Fiskool, nights, NyashAlex, Tipsy)
Lost in Time (Illust. Tipsy)
STRONG Butler. Best Dad. (Illust. Tipsy)
Alternate Hues and Melodies (Illust. Culdhira, Hilaletto, SoulofWoods, melodic-co, Dazeywhisp, CALIKID)
D--> Break the Bow (Illust. doctorcorby)
Duodecim Diis Resurgemus (Illust. SoulofWoods)
Xenoplanetarium (Illust. nights)

asphyxiation (abstract), body horror (abstract)
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Staring (Illust. pbnj-art)

blood (abstract)
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Nepeta's Theme (Illust. pbnj-art)

asphyxiation (abstract)
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Horschestra STRONG Version (Illust. chocolatula)

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Blackest Heart (With Honks) (Illust. officialspec)
Midnight Calliope (Illust. lime-time)
Chaotic Strength (Illust. Rebecca Peason)
Strife Mayhem (Illust. Scarodactyl)

body horror
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Yes, So Good (Illust. Makin)

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The March of the One True Juggalo (Illust. Toast)
Eternity, Served Cold (Canon Edit) (Illust. Homestuck)

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Furever (Illust. PhemieC)
Inherit Nothing (Illust. PhemieC)
I accidentally broke my teeth (Illust. Worthikids)
Robots(robots) (Illust. Worthikids)
Dreams of archery (Illust. Worthikids)
Diamonds (Illust. Worthikids)
Fiddlesti% (Song of Strength) (Illust. Worthikids)
Unlabeled (Illust. Killian Ng)
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A (Illust. Shelby Cragg)

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Indigo Heir (Illust. Erupan)
SadoMasoPedoRoboNecroBestiality (Illust. Red Pen)
Midnight Spider (Illust. umibouzu)

decapitation, blood
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Trial and Execution (Illust. Shelby Cragg)
Rumble at the Rink (Illust. Stevie Borbolla)
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